The Color of Money

Go Green

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Navy is timeless but also occupies half your closet, black is reserved (or only for funerals if you live in Nantucket), red’s too loud (again, Nantucket), yellow’s way too loud, but green — green is money. In the right shade, green can be more exciting than blue but, as hunters know, it can also be perfect for blending in. Our favorite shade — somewhere between forest and kelly — pops up on everything and is a handsome livery. Here are a few highlights.

MG Midget ($6000), Kaufmann Mercantile Weekender ($198), Old Hickory Custom Pro ($90), Chipp Grenadine Tie ($50), Victorinox Swiss Army Knife ($24), Crate and Barrel Bryce Chair ($1500), Caran D’ache Ballpoint ($16), Unis Gio ($198)