Salomon's Running TV on the Western States 100

The Original

Salomon’s Running TV reaches back to the 20th Annual Western States 100 in “The Original”, the sixth episode of the channel’s third season. The year was 1974, and the Western States (also known as The Tevis Cup) was a 100-mile endurance horse ride in Placer County, CA. Colfax-native Gordy Ainsleigh had been competing for several years. “When my horse went lame in ’73, [race organizer] Drucilla invited me to do it the next year on foot”, he says. “I said, ‘well maybe’, and I was thinking: I’ll have a better horse by then. I didn’t get around to it, so in ’74, as the spring rolled on, I ran.” Ainsleigh finished the race on foot in just under 24 hours. Today the Western States 100 is one of the most prestigious ultramarathons in the U.S., and Ainsleigh — shirtless, tan, with a wild grey beard — tells a good story.