Today in Gear: April 4, 2014

Bose-Soundtrue-Gear-Patrol Bose SoundTrue Headphones
Bose’s new SoundTrue headphones aim to dominate subway cars like their QuietComforts dominate airplane cabins. The lightweight set is available in on-ear and around-ear formats in a variety of color options that are bound to draw jealous looks from the Beats crowd. $180
Ogio-Backpack-Gear-Patrol OGIO Rucksack Backpack
This modern take on the rucksack combines an old school silhouette with plenty of carry conveniences including padded compartments for your laptop and tablet, space for a hydration bag and side compression straps to reduce bulk. $70
GoPro-Blackout-Housing-Gear-Patrol GoPro Blackout Housing
Some stunts are better done discreetly. GoPro’s new Blackout Housing ensures your addiction to video documentation won’t blow your cover. There’s even an LCD concealment sticker to block light reflecting from the housing window. Matching face paint is optional. $50
Flower-Pot-Gear-Patrol Boskke Cube Planter
Your mom said owning and caring for a plant is the first step towards responsibility. She’s right. Ditch the “Little House on the Prairie” pot she gave you though in favor of Boskke’s Cubes. The modern design highlights growth in all its natural glory and doubles as a water reservoir good for up to four weeks of moisture — giving you plenty of time to forget the lessons you were supposed to learn in the first place. $35 ()
McIntosh-Headphone-Amp-Gear-Patrol McIntosh MHA100 Headphone Amp
McIntosh is making its first push into the dedicated headphone amplifier market with the MHA100. The company’s tweaked its Autoformer tech to complement three impedance ranges of 8-40, 40-150 and 150-600 ohms, meaning any set of headphones you hook up should sound better than ever. Other highlights include decoding support for 32bit/192Khz tracks, dual analog inputs, 50 watt stereo speaker outputs and a classic McIntosh blue-metered exterior that’ll make your buddies swoon. $4,500
Longiens-Gear-Patrol Longines Conquest Heritage 1954-2014
Vintage looks are all the rage — as evidenced by just about every watchmaker on the market. Longines, however, is taking it all the way. At 35 millimeters in diameter, the Conquest Heritage looks like something that could be found on the wrist of Don Draper. And what guy doesn’t want to look like Don Draper?
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