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This Week in Culture: April 4, 2014

Happy Birthday! Gmail (as well as another humble little internet service) celebrated its birthday on April 1st. Here’s how Gmail came into existence, and here’s a list of all the jokes that Google played for April Fools (as well as one played by another clever company). Also, Happy Birthday, Netscape! We didn’t know you were still around, but here’s an oral history of your founding.
Books Fight to the Death The Morning News’s tournament of books ends with a winner. Who won? That’s a little like asking why elevator algorithms are so inefficient.
Are You Not Entertained? Stories about calcio storico fiorentino, a chaotic blend of MMA and handball, never get old.
Boy With Apple Whether or not you like Wes Anderson’s films, the history behind “Boy with Apple” — the subject of Anderson’s latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel — makes for a fascinating story.
Hollywood And you thought you wanted to work as a personal assistant.
McSweeney’s or Bust Andrew Gall’s take on American pharmaceutical culture will have The Onion in fits of jealousy. And if you, too, are looking to get published by McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, here are some tips.
Play On We enjoyed Infinity Blade and The Room. Mobile gaming gets its next big title in the beautiful, surreal Monument Valley. For more traditional gamers, there’s always Monopoly, which just updated its rules after an intense round of internet debate.
The Late Late Show After more than 32 years of asking “Are those your drums?”, David Letterman announced his retirement. Here, comedians weigh in on the decision, and his impact.
Serenity Now Click here for your daily dose of beautiful. And if you’re tired of national parks, check out these Air France ads.
Better than the Couch Gag Jalopnik put together a list of every real-world car that ever appeared in The Simpsons. Meaning that someone spent a lot, a lot of time watching The Simpsons. Not a bad life.