If you lament the death of old-school design — the kind that makes timeless cars like the Ferrari 265 GTB/4, the Jaguar E-Type and the Aston Martin DB5 so iconic — then you’ll rejoice over the new David Brown Automotive Speedback. Recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Speedback is a throwback to simpler times with the benefit of modern underpinnings and technology. The niche British carmaker (so niche that it has one model and no factory yet) has made its debut baby an absolute stunner.


Brown, an entrepreneur and engineer, wanted to create the ultimate bespoke automobile both designed and handmade in Britain. The result is a car that echoes Aston Martin but incorporates the new fastback design made popular by the Rolls-Royce Wraith along with a platform and engine by Jaguar. Alan Mobberly, a former Jaguar employee, acted as the head designer on the Speedback project, digitizing a clay model and hand-shaping a very svelte body. Even the finish shows the utmost of care, involving 120 man-hours on its own. The result is a car that should get the attention of the rich and sophisticated who want more than the name of a popular brand on the hood of their automobile. With enough deposits on the Speedback, hopefully the world will see a small but very real number of production cars that bring back the motoring past in an elegant new way. Take a look at the breakdown for all the beautiful details.