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5 Bomber Jackets for this Spring

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Much like the arrival of decorative gourd season it seems like we’ve been holding out for some semblance of spring for months. The good news: it’s here. If you were waiting for a “But the bad news is…” you’re in for a treat because spring totally kicks ass and there is no downside. We’re talking transitional outerwear, we’re talking eating outdoors, we’re talking the arrival of Bell’s Oberon and baseball, we’re talking about shoes that don’t clunk or require a team of valets to untie.

Welcome to the best season.

One of the aforementioned highlights of spring is outerwear that toes that beautiful line between too much and too little. The perfect spring jacket will add an interesting layer to your ensemble, conceal your beach-bod-in-progress, provide just enough warmth and do all of the above with the utmost style. And, as luck would have it, there’s a genre that fits the bill.

Lightweight bomber — sometimes called baseball, varsity or “totally-rad” — jackets are a simple, all-American affair. Just as at home strewn on the backseat of a Corvair parked at Makeout Point as they are on the streets of Brooklyn, this spring mainstay has evolved over the past century to include styles with a wide variety of fabrics, slimmer fits and colors beyond the basics. With warm weather finally here, we’ve stowed our parkas and picked our five favorites that range from technical to timeless. But whatever you pick… its alfresco season, motherf__kers.

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