Two paths diverged in a deli

Up Your Lunch Game with this Healthy Plan

Culture By Photo by Eric Yang

Most of the time we don’t take a full hour out of our workday for a methodical lunch. If you’re the type who does, packing tupperware each day with sauteed vegetables over quinoa, garnished with pea tendrils, then skip to the next story — perhaps you need a more challenging career or some time-consuming hobbies. The rest of us find ourselves at the corner store collecting what we can to fill our stomachs. This is where two distinct paths diverge: some go for a fried cutlet sandwich (Exhibit A) followed by dessert; others cobble together a reasonably healthy lunch (Exhibit B) followed by an average life expectancy. Going in for A once in a while is no problem, but the cumulative effect of unhealthy lunches is observable, and the few extra pounds you gain will slow you down a step or two on weekend adventures. Exhibit B, on the other hand, packs much more nourishment and doesn’t require any extra effort or “I’m on a diet” discipline. We picked a random, representative deli in Midtown Manhattan and bought two lunches, one a few of us are known to eat — the sandwich even has a name, the “Fowl Play” — the other its healthier alternative. Click through the slides above for a complete lunch makeover.