This Week in Culture: April 11, 2014

The ICEE bear, originally designed by Ruth E. Taylor
Einsteins in the Making This year, Stanford only accepted 5 percent of applicants. College acceptance levels are dropping, though the ones that get through the gauntlet can expect jobs at the world’s smartest companies. Eleven Madison Park isn’t on that list, though workers still need 10 months to learn how to pour a glass of water.
The $5,700 Jacket When you’re ready to spend $5,700 on a suit jacket, check out Brioni, a bespoke Italian menswear brand that recently opened its doors to the New York Times style magazine.
Gold, Jerry! Using neutron diffractometry, geologist John Rakovan recently confirmed the validity of the world’s largest single crystal of gold. It’s estimated that the 217.78-gram piece of gold is worth around $1.5 million.
We All Gotta Go Sometime… It seems that Archie Comic Publications, Inc., has a new strategy to attract readers: kill Archie. It doesn’t seem like a great long-term strategy, but hey, we’re not the ones writing comics.
The Case for (Not) Owning Exotic Animals Yes, we all want bear cubs. No, we shouldn’t get them.
The Sound of Music If you liked Bioshock Infinite, you probably like the soundtrack. And if you liked the soundtrack, you should probably read this article. In other musical news, OutKast is officially reunited TODAY. Celebrate with a list of all 68 of their in-song references to Atlanta.
Comic Sans Last week’s TWIC featured the Gallagher Brothers of beer, and this week we’ve got the Gallagher Brothers of font design. Things just got real.
Thank You, Come Again The birth of the ICEE (and, by extension, the Slurpee).
She’s 53 Just in case you ever wanted to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus naked
Sympathy for the Devil Flor Edwards was born into a cult. Along similar lines, this is what a pact with the devil supposedly looks like.