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Volvo’s Inflatable Child Seat Concept

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Negotiating a bulky child seat in the back of a sports coupe during the summertime is not dissimilar to performing hot yoga. The minds at Volvo have rethought the whole rigamarole and sought the path to inner peace by creating the world’s first inflatable child seat. The impetus behind the Inflatable Child Seat Concept was to provide unparalleled convenience without compromising safety. For its backpack design, Volvo utilized military type drop-stitch fabric, commonly used in marine applications, because it can handle high internal pressure. The built-in pump inflates in less than forty seconds and deflates via the same pump — also providing your tot with sanity-saving distraction as he watches his automotive throne rise before his very eyes. The safe, rear-facing seat is a concept right now, but Volvo hopes to bring one to market in the not-too-distant future. We envision lines around the block several times over with parents to buy this near-messianic product. For now, you can drool at our breakdown above.