Today in Gear: April 15, 2014

Robin-Hood-Gear-Patrol Robinhood
Technology has already made it easier and cheaper to manage your own stock portfolio, but you still pay Wall Street up to $10 in commission per trade, you sap. Robinhood, a new financial startup backed by venture titans like Google and Andressen Horowitz, leverages the latest in trading technology to eliminate trade fees altogether. You’ll also get access to real-time market data and fast low-latency trading systems absolutely free. Sound too good to be true? While you’re waiting for a coveted invite, learn more about their plans for how they’ll make money at scale.
Pentax-645z-Gear-Patrol PENTAX 645Z Medium-Format DSLR
Remember when we said you needed a 4K studio camera? We might have been overstating things. What you really need is a 51.4 megapixel, medium format sensored, HD video shooting, depth-of-field producing killer of a camera that will blow any puny 35mm DSLR straight to irrelevance. Price? A cool $8,500. But that’s a bargain considering a competing Hasselblad H5D-50c with the same exact sensor will run you more than three times as much. $8,500
12-South-Book-Arc-Mod-Gear-Patrol TwelveSouth BookArc Möd
The BookArc from the Mac accessory masters at Twelvesouth has always been one of the most practical and elegant stand solutions for Apple laptops. Their newly announced Möd sports the same space-saving design in organic wood options like espresso, birch, or walnut, giving your eyes yet another excuse to ignore the ole’ inbox. Why they used Ikea naming convention we’ve yet to figure. $79
Treeline-Table-Gear-Patrol Alite Designs Treeline Table
Leaving the comforts of home for the serenity of nature teaches many great lessons — like just how damn useful tables are. Alite’s Treeline table is capable of supporting up to 50 pounds yet weighs only 4.8 pounds and packs down. Thanks to its “twist and lock” telescoping leg design, it also provides a nice flat surface even on uneven terrain. $210
Lynx-Smart-Grill-Gear-Patrol Lynx Smart Grill
Technology is invading the holiest of holies, and we can only watch in horror. The latest wedge being smashed between man, fire and his meat takes the form of a concept grill running a “fly-by-wire system” that controls functions like lighting and monitoring the burners to execute recipes “pre-programmed by Lynx’s master grillers for a perfect meal every time”. Sure, it sounds emasculating convenient, but don’t be surprised if you hear things like “I’m afraid I can’t do that” the next time you ask for medium rare. ()
Range-Rover-Discovery-Concept-Gear-Patrol Land Rover Discovery Concept
Land Rover is revealing big plans for the iconic Discovery at this year’s New York Auto show. Their new concept has typical grandiose ideas, like handle-less rear suicide doors that open with just a hand gesture. But the biggest news of all may be that the Discovery name will follow the path blazed by Range Rover, applying to a family of vehicles instead of just one.
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