Why choose when you can have both?

Twice the Device: Tracking the Rise of the 2-in-1

It was obvious we’d come a long way when carrying a laptop and a tablet suddenly became a problem. Who knew copious amounts of portable computing power could be so tough? Admittedly, finding sympathy from your fellow citizens for this particular personal issue is a bit like whining that your scotch is slightly too young. The good news is that companies like Intel have tackled the challenge aggressively and are partnering with the world’s best hardware makers to build powerful, versatile machines that possess a truly svelte form factor.

Deciding between the sensible approach of detachables, which combine a tablet screen with a removable laptop keyboard, and the engineering chops of convertibles, with their gymnast-like screens, will always boil down to the leanings of the individual. Whatever your best-of-both-worlds solution looks like, there’s no need to pick between performance and battery life thanks to Intel’s advanced line of Atom and Core processors. Check out our video above for a rundown of the 2-in-1 field and start plotting your new streamlined future today.

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