A Bacchanal of Music, Sun and Style

GP Short: Coachella

Videos : Original Films By Photo by B Hasemeyer

Goddammit, you missed Coachella again. You had a shot at two full weekends of sun (and a few random dust storms). You could’ve napped in the shade beneath a monstrous astronaut and a robot. You might have boozed heavily, ogled preppily-dressed twenty-somethings — the hipster-hippies — and the folks wearing a mix of dirty and scanty that usually pertains only to the homeless set. Hasselhoff and Aaron Paul and that dude from CSI were there, walking around like they were normal people. And the music, it was like a buffet: just stand up and hoof it toward whatever strain sounded most delectable. Lots of iPhones. A skyline to die for. Surprise acts like Diddy and Busta that made the jumping crowd kick off from the ground like hyper-caffeinated kangaroos. You could have been one of 80,000 there. But to be fair, you missed some disastrous traffic.

Bradley Hasemeyer, recognizing your #fomo, made the quick 130-mile journey from LA to Coachella Valley to capture the iconic music festival on nothing but an iPhone 5 and the iPro lens kit.

Additional contribution by Chris Wright.