For those dreaming of a vintage car collection, the Datsun 240Z is a great place to start. It looks like a Far East Jaguar E-Type, was the first real Japanese fastback sports car and delivers reliability and great driving dynamics, particularly for a car that’s over a quarter century old. But if you go through the rigamarole of finding the right one and buying it, you can’t just wear your workout sweatpants and a pizza-stained tee. This car deserves more, which means hunting down some great gear and garb from the era and the area from which the Z hails. We’ve put together just the right kit to get you in the mood for vintage Japanese driving. And who knows. If you plunk down some change for these beauties first, it just might lead you to the 240Z of your stick-shift-luvin’ dreams.

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Amos Kwon

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