In his early life, the gamer listens to bullies call him a nerd, and later, he fields the complaints of his significant other, but throughout it all he argues for the time spent in front of the screen with a simple rationalization: sometimes, reality sucks. Games provide an escape. They’re less dangerous (and cheaper) than drugs and alcohol and provide a more interactive experience than books and movies. They allow a deep sense of connection with a narrative — not just through imagination, or audio and visuals, but an actual physical connection. When the gamer gets into the skin of a hero, he becomes the hero. When he adopts the guise of the villain, well, that’s fun, too.

Consoles don’t provide much in the way of portability (anyone else ever own this masterpiece of engineering?), and grown men carrying Gameboys often attract the wrong kind of attention, but mobile games offer interactive experiences on the devices that most of us carry every day. They allow us a bit of serenity when we need it most — in the airport, on the subway, at a questionable mid-life Bris. Here, we’ve provided a list of 50 of the best games made for iOS. Play at the risk of your relationship.


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