Today in Gear: April 24, 2014

Casper-Mattress-Gear-Patrol The Casper Mattress
It’s not often the mattress is re-invented. Casper co-founder Neil Parikh bucked the trends in the market today, creating a mattress with memory foam on the bottom half and latex on the top, which preserves the comfort of foam and enhances support at a very reasonable price (latex is ultra expensive). The best part? The mattress is delivered packed into a cardboard box and expands to size, meaning a bike messenger can literally deliver your next night’s sleep. $500+
Evel-Comes-To-Cooperville-Gear-Patrol Evel Comes to Cooperville
In 1972, owner of the Cooperville Car Dealership Jack Cooper organized an event to get Evel Knieval down to the Oklahoma State Fairground for a performance. 40 years after the spectacle, his grandson Garrett Colton discovered a box of never before seen slides of the event. Pick up Evel Comes to Copperville and relive this slice of Americana. $40
Nike-Club-Covert-Gear-Patrol Nike Golf VR_S Covert 2.0 Matte Black Edition Driver
We know, Nike releases a limited edition something nearly every day of the year. But this one is inspired by the matte black football helmets popping up in the college game, and definitely adds plenty of stealth to go with the covert. Look for it for $300 at select stores on May 15th. $300
Vape-Subscription-Gear-Patrol Craft Vapery
Cigarettes are out. Vapes are, apparently, in. Why? Well, dubious health reasons aside, you can get the buzz without the burn, meaning you can use vaporizers in more places and stop smelling like ash. If that sounds like, in the words of Austin Powers, your bag baby, Craft Vapery is a new subscription based resource that can help you find new flavors and devices, while avoiding the charms of your local head shop or bodega. $24+
Brooklinen-Gear-Patrol Brooklinen Sheets
We tend to avoid pushing Kickstarter project these days because we’ve seen too many take money and fade into vaporware. Brooklinen is a new startup that isn’t reinventing the wheel, they just want to make smarter sheets for less. By eliminating middleman and taking advantage of lull periods in production facilitates, the company offers 100% Egyptian cotton hotel-quality sheets at a fraction of big box store pricing. $100
6x6-Gear-Patrol Can-Am Outlander 6×6
The first Can-Am designed outside of North America is the brainchild of Finland, and built to haul nearly 800 pounds in its extended four foot bed over any kind of terrain thanks to available six-wheel drive. Those with other intentions can take advantage of its modular design to equip this beast for a variety of specific industries. There’s even a enclosed cargo option for winter. Sure, it’s not the first 6×6 ATV we’ve seen, but as far as we’re concerned — the more the merrier. $13,000+
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