Today in Gear: April 28, 2014

Icon-Airframe-Statistic-Gear-Patrol Icon Airframe Statistic
Gaining the protection of a full-face bucket should be the first decision any motorcycle rider makes, and yet a good chunk of cyclists cling to “beanies” and half-shells. The new Icon Airframe Statistic was built to protect exactly where most major head traumas occur, in terms of percentage, in all motorcycle accidents combined. See that area around the jaw line there? Good luck with that beanie. $390
Carbonlite-Gear-Patrol Carbonlite Tools
Don’t let your tools weigh you down. For a price, CarbonLite’s made-in-the-USA carbon fiber wrench set can provide all of the strength with less weight — while still including stainless steel teeth for grip for leverage. $150
Paperboy-Wines-Gear-Patrol Paperboy Wines
We don’t know much about this company other than the fact that they source their wine from Truett-hurst and VML Winery and that their bottles are 100% fully recyclable and 80 percent lighter than glass. Search it out and stop feeling guilty about your bottle-a-day habit. ()
Leica-T-Gear-Patrol Leica T System
Leica decided to celebrate its hundredth birthday by launching a brand spanking new 16MP APS-C-sensored camera system designed in collaboration with Audi. The unibody aluminum brick is hand polished for 45 minutes and is meant to sit in between the iconic camera maker’s M series and Lux offerings. Notable features include a new lens mount (which will accept M glass with an adaptor), built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and an app that gives smartphone users remote-control over the camera, including the ability to live view everything. Look for a silver version to hit shelves on May 26th and a black version to come in late July. $1,850+
Towels-Gear-Patrol James Perse Bath Towels
$165 ()
Sony-Reciever-Gear-Patrol Sony STR-DN1050 Receiver
The new king of Sony’s mid-range receiver line improves on the connectivity of last year’s generation, adding aptX and NFC support on top of Wi-Fi, AirPLay compatibility and Bluetooth. There’s also a new cleaned-up remote, a revamped UI for easier tweaking and enhanced second-zone support. $600
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