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In Case You Missed It: April 23-29

We talk with Fabian Cousteau as he preps for Mission 31, an endeavor to live underwater in the Aquarius habitat for 31 days. Read the Interview
Grand-Prix-of-The-Americas-Gear-Patrol-LEAD Photo Essay: The Grand Prix Of The Americas
Each corner at the Circuit of The Americas is an homage to the most iconic turns from the world of Grand Prix. The track’s red, white and blue runoff areas make a declaration that’s even more clear when seen from above, perched atop the infield’s 250-foot observation tower: the international motorcycling scene has found a vibrant home in America. See the Photos
Best-shave-oped-gear-patrol-lead- The Best Shave I Ever Had
Mycah was grinning like a guy who just ran the table in billiards. A barber, easily in his 70s or 80s, practically danced around him, trimming his hair. The old man was stocky and cheerful and also grinning. The barber leaned Mycah back for a shave, all the while smiling and floating on his toes. And after a quick splash of aftershave and some mentholated powder, it was my turn.
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best-day-hikes-gear-patrol-lead-new 15 Best Day Hikes in the Northeast
We surveyed the northeastern U.S. to find the best 15 hikes, spread out across 9 states. If you have a car (in some cases you don’t even need one), you can find an accessible 10 miler with manageable distances, notable views and unique trails for a long, fulfilling Saturday. See the List
Consoles don’t provide much in the way of portability (anyone else ever own this masterpiece of engineering?), and grown men carrying Gameboys often attract the wrong kind of attention, but mobile games offer interactive experiences on the devices that most of us carry every day. They allow us a bit of serenity when we need it most — in the airport, on the subway, at a questionable mid-life Bris. Here, we’ve provided a list of 50 of the best games made for iOS. Play at the risk of your relationship. See the Games
Fitting right between the Indie filmmaker’s DSLR and Hollywood studio’s Arri Alexa, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera ($2,000), with its 13 stops of dynamic range and 2.5K sensor, makes filmmakers jump for joy. We took it on a test drive. Read the Review