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Button Up, Hike Down: Best Hiking Shirts

May 1, 2014 Buying Guides By
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Orvis Bush Shirt


We can’t all be Indiana Jones, but throw on this shirt, slap on a fedora, and you’ll be ready to steal the Holy Grail (or at least go hiking). Thanks to the fabric, bush poplin, this shirt weighs half that of the heavier Orvis Rhinohide, but provides almost as much durability.

Beretta Kudu Camp Shirt


You’re busy trying to shatter targets with Beretta’s 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting — so let your shirt handle the mosquitoes. The shirt’s lightweight, quick-drying poplin fabric gets treated with repellent, making it a great choice for hot, muggy conditions.

Mountain Hardwear Huxley


Not all hiking shirts effectively make the transition from mountain to mountain-themed five star restaurant, but Mountain Hardwear’s Oxford-style Huxley looks good enough to serve both purposes (all right, maybe four-star restaurant). Made from 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, the Huxley combines comfort with durability.

Patagonia Sol Patrol


Hell hath no fury like a terrible sunburn. The Patagonia Sol provides 30 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) sun protection, as well as a stand-up collar and lightweight polyester construction. It’s perfect for those days at the secluded mountain lake when you’re too lazy to cover anything more than your nose in greasy sunblock.

Arc’Teryx Peakline LS


Plaid, meet moisture-wicking breathable shirt. The cotton-poly Peakline has an athletic cut and hits at the hip to provide extra coverage. Bonus points for coming in bold colors like mesa copper and bluestone.

Filson Alaska Guide Shirt


For colder weather hiking, polyester won’t quite cut it — you want to feel like a bear, so go with heavy cotton. The ultra-warm, wind-resistant Filson Alaska Guide Shirt, designed for (obviously) Alaskan guides, features relaxed shoulders and large armholes for greater range of motion, perfect for waving your arms to intimidate a Kodiak, The Edge style.

Columbia Tamiami II


Columbia combines the best elements of other successful hiking shirts to create one of the most technical shirts around, though it loses style points for looking like one of the most technical shirts around. However, when you’re on the trail, enjoying 40 UPF sun protection and smelling fresh thanks to anti-microbial fabric, style doesn’t have to be your first priority.

Outlier Mojave Pilot


The Outlier Mojave Pilot leans more toward style than technical chops. Its cotton, linen and ramie blend will keep you dry and won’t look out of place when you go out for a drink (or coq au vin, frankly) after.

J. Peterman Safari Shirt


For those who own a horse named “Prescott” and use the seasons as verbs, J. Peterman vends a fantastic assortment of apparel, timepieces and odds and ends. They make their mesh-lined safari shirt out of fine-count cotton poplin, making it great for warmer climates.

Ex Officio Super Air Strip Shirt


The tagline of Ex Officio’s Give-N-Go underwear reads, “17 Countries. 6 Weeks. One pair of award-winning underwear”. We’ll let you debate the merits of wearing a single pair of underwear for six weeks. The point is: Ex Officio makes durable stuff. Their Super Air Strip Shirt, made from tough nylon and light polyester, also features 30 UPF sun protection.

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