Today in Gear: May 1, 2014

Switches-Gear-Patrol Legrand adorne Switch and Plate Collection
We’ve preached on the benefits of upgrading your light switch before. Legrand’s adorne collection includes a large variety of advanced electrical accessories like outlets with integrated USB ports and modern switches like the Wave Switch that can be turned off and on with just a flick of the hand. Get your screwdriver out and embrace your inner Copperfield. $5+
Flightcar-Gear-Patrol Flight Car
Think of Flight Car as the Airbnb of rental car services. Travelers leaving their vehicles in extended parking at airports gain free parking, a free car wash and the opportunity to earn cash if their vehicle gets rented out by others in their absence at up to $0.20 per mile. All renters are pre-screened and gain access to incredibly low rates as well as a free insurance policy up to $1 million. The service currently has over 15,000 members and is operating around Boston’s Logan Airpot, San Francisco Airport and LAX.
hopbox-gear-patrol HopBox Brewing Kits
So you just finished your first home-brew. Now your kitchen is sticky, with tubes, hoses, sponges, funnels and all manner of Walter White paraphernalia littering the floor. Besides the carboy full of homebrew, everything else is getting thrown in the closet for months until your next brew, where it can get moldy, damaged or lost. To solve this, founder Mike Langone designed each HopBox sleek brewing kit, made from locally source pine or cedar, to keep your brew equipment organized inside built-in drawers while your beer and bottles remain out in the open for friends to ogle. The kit comes with the all the equipment, ingredients and instructions you need to brew a batch of beer, from ales to IPAs to stouts. As of now, online sales have been suspended due to an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, but we’re guessing a donation there will still score you a new kit.
Hifi-Gear-Patrol HiFiMan HE-560 Headphones
Reference-grade quality for less than a thousand bucks may sound like audio fantasy, but hobbyist favorite HiFiMan has done it with the HE-560s, a pair of high-performing cans designed around a unique proposition: outsize performance from dynamic planar magnetic components at an accessible price and load (a huge headphone amplifier isn’t necessary to enjoy these). The forums and enthusiasts are already chomping at the bit so get your pre-order in now. Then again, if you tend to lose yours all the time there are always these. $899
Rancourt-Gear-Patrol Rancourt & Co. Shell Cordovan Pinch Penny Loafers
Take a great shoe like a Rancourt & Co Penny Loafer, add better ingredients like Horween leather and lighten the profile by making it unlined and giving it a leather sole. Pretty much perfect in our book. Long live the penny loafer. Made to order (3-4 weeks for delivery). $595 ()
The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’
When Kubrick made 2001: A Space Odyssey, he aimed to make the “the proverbial good science-fiction movie”. It has been loved, hated and discussed since its release, becoming arguably one of the most influential films of all time. This 1,386-page tome — of which only 1,500 will be released — includes four volumes inside a metal slipcase: film stills, unreleased behind-the-scene photographs and interviews, a copy of the script and a copy of the original 1965 production notes. Casual fans need not apply. $750
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