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Something Afoot: Socks for Every Occasion

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Like all basic garments, the sock performs as essential function and also provides an opportunity to flash a little style. Especially for those of us trapped in a humdrum business casual setting, socks are a beacon of sartorial hope peeking out from beneath our trousers. Of course, if you foul up the rest of your outfit, nothing can save you — but these five pairs of socks will come pretty close.

OUR PICKS: A. Soxy ($39) sends fresh pairs of handsome socks to your door on a monthly basis. | A combination of cashmere and a touch of nylon make B. Marcoliani Cashmere Socks ($77) your tier-one choice for footwear, provided you don’t mind sweating into $80 of fabric. | You can actually stand in water and stay dry with the C. SealSkinz Mid-Weight Mid-Length Sock ($50). | The Italian-made D. Club Monaco Polka Dot Sock ($16) goes very nicely with a Brioni suit. | E. Fox River Everyday for Men Socks ($15) are straightforward and made in America from merino wool.

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