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GP Short: Sitting in on a 3D Tailoring at Seize Sur Vingt

Style : Clothing By Photo by BH

Suit prices and fabrics can can range from Goodwill to good heavens, but no matter the price point the most important aspect to a suit is the fit. A $200 H&M suit that’s been tailored will appear much sharper than an ill-fitting $43,000 Brioni. Who are we kidding, the Brioni would still be fucking amazing. But the point is this: the fit makes the man, not the suit.

New York-based Seize Sur Vingt understands the importance of fit, but then, so do any and all tailors worth going to. More important is that they’ve come up with a new way to bring top-notch Italian tailors and American clients together that doesn’t involve a nine-hour flight. It’s a simple solution, and one long-distance daters have been using for years: Skype. The master tailors in Italy watch and provide input as Seize’s own in-person team goes through the fitting process, answering questions and taking notes, and the whole thing is taped in a 3D video that accompanies the suit when it’s sent overseas to be trimmed and resized by those same Italians. No need to blow kisses and promise to visit each other soon once the fitting’s done, though.

Again, it seems a bit obvious. But for a trade that defines old-world, the step forward — without losing any practicality or personal touch — is a major one. Just don’t request to see your own video unless you’re fully prepared to bear witness to every ounce of last night’s burger(s) and beer(s).