Vintage and Swedish and Very, Very Fast

The Deepest Sleeper: The Volvo Amazon Combi “VÖX”

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What’s more surprising than a sedate-looking vintage Volvo wagon that has enough power to bury supercars? In search of the ultimate sleeper, we came across what would normally be a cute vintage 1967 Volvo Amazon Combi wagon that’s instead been slammed, juiced up and fitted without some of the most mind blowing guts a family hauler has ever seen. Its builder, Mattias Vöcks of Sweden, who has a history with Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg, calls his creation the VÖX. It’s been viewed across the web for roasting Ferraris while posing as an unassuming three door wagon. Vöcks’s creation, purchased several years ago by an anonymous buyer for north of $100,000, might be a little bit overdone on the inside with its flaming red racing seats, but then again, it’s a vintage Volvo that can race modern supercars. Overdone feels right.