Today in Gear: May 5, 2014

Icon-Prints-GEar-Patrol ICON 4×4 Art Prints
It’s not like you need an excuse to keep dreaming about creations like ICON 4×4’s 968 Ford Bronco, but these limited edition prints from Kevin Butler of Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards fame will definitely fuel the fires of desire. 14 of ICON design’s are available on 12″ x 12″ prints as well as a 24″ x 24″ collage. $200+
Cactus-Tranciever-Gear-Patrol Cactus Wireless Flash Transceiver V6
It used to be that if you wanted a feature-rich wireless flash transceiver than there was only one name: Pocket Wizards the problem is that even a simple three-flash setup will have your budget screaming for mercy. The sixth version of Cactus’s transceiver packs not only an impressive price point (almost 1/3 of the competing pocket wizard) but seriously noteworthy tech highlighted by off-flash manual power adjustment for nearly every flash on the market.
Home-Rental-Gear-Patrol Behomm
Design types turned off by renting from the unwashed masses of Airbnb, take heart. Behomm is “the first site to exchange homes for vacations only for designers and visual artists.” Membership is invite only, but you can apply for consideration directly on the site. All that really seems to matter is that you do something “creative” and have a personal space that’s gorgeous enough for infinite Instagram likes. ()
Tanner-Goods-Bike-Gear-Patrol Tanner Goods Cycling Collection
Let your bike do the haulin’ instead of your back with the cycling collection from Tanner Goods. The three bags — made from 10 ounce canvas as well as rugged 18-ounce twill — are built to stash under the handle bars, under the seat or attach directly to the frame. $128
Ficticious-Dishes-Gear-Patrol Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals
Dinah Fried’s whimsical photo book recreates notable meals from contemporary and classic literature such as Holden Caufield’s go-to Swiss cheese and malted milk, or the grapefruits and cigarettes from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. $15
Speaker-Gear-Patrol Naim Audio Muso
Anyone sick of wireless music systems’ compromises and with a few Bitcoins to dump should keep Naim’s upcoming Muso in their sights. The aluminum brick integrates six speakers, each with its own digital amp for a combined 450 watts of power, and support for playback of every audio file type under the sun including WAV and FLAC as well as support for “better-than-CD-quality” wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth aptx, Apple’s AirPlay or a wired connection to a home router.$1,500
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