Simple, clean, and unconstrained

Elements: Unlined, Uncompromised

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There’s nirvana in a product made with a singular purpose, done so well that it needs neither embellishment nor hype. Excess has no place here, because there are no imperfections to hide or distract from. Doing away with lining (a feature we’ve kept ambiguous in these selections, as you’ll see) is one such way to pare down a product to its base usefulness. No, the only lining around here is a silver one: you don’t own all of these products, but with a few swift online purchases, you can.

Hodinkee Unlined Shell Cordovan Watch Strap ($149), Makr Sketch Book ($38), Billykirk Satchel ($375), J. Crew Ludlow Traveler Jacket ($450), Deerskin Driving Gloves ($59), Adidas Pure Boost ($120), Six Flags Flash Pass ($80)