The Bear Essentials

An Everyman’s Guide to Survival Gear

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If Zombieland taught us one thing, it’s that a zombie apocalypse with Woody Harrelson at our side would be pretty sweet. If it taught us two things, it’s that we need to be prepared for any scenario. Although we won’t be facing the undead, there will be times on the trail when things take a turn for the worse. How we respond depends on the gear at our disposal and our level of outdoor knowledge. Packing right ensures the best chance of survival — otherwise, you face the zombies elements alone.

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WARMTH MINIMALIST Two sticks (the bow-drill method), Free
GREENHORN SOL All-Weather Fire Cubes, $10
ADVENTURER Rab Batura Jacket, $600
NUTRITION MINIMALIST Beetle Larvae, worms, birds, small mammals, Free
GREENHORN EPIC Bar (pack of 12), $34
ADVENTURER Good to Go MRE (two servings), $11
HYDRATION MINIMALIST Potable Aqua Iodine Tabs, $6
GREENHORN Tasmanian Rain, $34
ADVENTURER Platypus Gravity Works, $120
SHELTER MINIMALIST Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy, $239
GREENHORN Nemo Losi 3P Backpacking Tent, $350
ADVENTURER Heimplanet Mavericks, $8,470
WILDLIFE MINIMALIST Survival Whistle, $3
GREENHORN Counter Assault Bear Deterrent, $46
ADVENTURER Smith & Wesson Model 29, $1,169
NAVIGATION MINIMALIST Silva Ranger CL Compass, $38
GREENHORN Google Maps App, Free
ADVENTURER Garmin Oregon 600, $400