Today in Gear: May 9, 2014

Nespresso-Gear-Patrol Nespresso Vertuo
The throughly European, Clooney-backed gente at Nespresso have set their sights on American tastebuds with their newest machine, which can pump out both espresso and a good ol’ 8-ounce cup of joe. “How does a sleek machine with one button determine which caffeine delivery vessel I’d like?” you ask. The machine reads a small bar code on each capsule to know exactly how to brew said cuppa. Welcome to the future. $299
Armani-Glasses-Gear-Patrol Armani Frames of Life
Armani’s latest line of oft-impressive glasses for spring/summer are, on the whole, winners. Of the four styles, the curvy acetate AR7004 and the acetate/matte metal AR7028 are our two favorites, but any should do the trick for playing table tennis at Monaco’s Grand Casino or shooting clays off the Cote d’Azure with your new friend named Albert.
Wayne-Pate-Gear-Patrol Wayne Pate Prints
Wayne Pate’s whimsical prints can now be privy to the goings on in your living room for a price that should have you kicking yourself if you don’t buy a couple. The silkscreen prints range in size up to 18″ x 24″ and are great for hanging on sparse walls or inattentive dogs. Our favorite is the Morocco print. $55+
Sarolea-SP7-GEar-Patrol Saroléa SP7
Talk about rising from the dead. After 50 years off the motorcycling map, Belgian company Saroléa is building the SP7, an electric bike that will race in the 2014 Isle of Man TT. The retro shape, which is fitted with ultra-modern materials and a carbon fiber chassis, will be propelled by a 174 hp (130 kW) motor and weigh in at 422 pounds.
Poler-Letente-Gear-Patrol Poler LeTente
Ahh bonjour madam et monsieur, please allow me to direct you to your LeTente. Though it may seem precariously perched atop this Renault Le Car I can assure you it clamps securely to standard Yakima and Thule rails and folds out in mere seconds. Ahh madame, I see you’ve spotted the queen size mattress and heavy-duty canvas construction. I suppose that’s my cue to leave you two for the evening, fais des beaux rêves. $1000
Beyerdynamic-Gear-Patrol Beyerdynamic T 90 Jubilee Headphones
Beyerdynamic has been around for 90 years. NINETY YEARS. In any field that would be a thoroughly impressive number, but in the ever-changing world of electronics it’s an almost unbeatable achievement. To celebrate the milestone the German company is releasing a special edition of their T 90 headphones. The limited edition of 1,000 features an open-back design, stealthy midnight black paint scheme and the kind of sound quality that keeps a company in business for nearly a century. $699
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