Ebbets-Field-Gear-Patrol Fielder’s Choice Rivalry Series
Fielder’s Choice Goods is digging into baseball’s oldest rivalries for inspiration on their newest series of caps. The first rivalry is the Dodgers and the Giants; those caps are accented with vintage baseball glove leather and constructed with Ebbets Field Flannel. Like baseball itself, the caps are made in the U.S. $50
Uberjet-Gear-Patrol UberJet To Cannes
Gosling just hit you on the celly asking if you’ll be at Paul Allen’s yacht party tonight but you’re stuck in Paris lunching on a croque monsieur and pulling up page after page of “Flight Full” notifications. You bust open your Uber App, choose the “UberJet to Cannes” option for a cool $9 grand and a black car comes to shuttle you and your entourage to your awaiting jet privé. You pull up to Allen’s gigayacht just in time to tell Bradley Cooper that this party is full of nerds and head to get a Doner Kebab. Just a day in the life. $9,000
Great-Lakes-Brewing-Gear-Patrol Spacewalker American Belgo
Do you know how many astronauts came from Ohio? 25. Do you know how many beers pay tribute those astronauts? Only one that we know about: Cleveland-based Great Lakes Brewery’s Spacewalker American Belgo, a Belgian-style ale. At 8.2 percent ABV, it’ll knock you out of this world. greatlakesbrewing.com
Dejargonizer-Gear-Patrol The Dejargonizer
Are you having trouble differentiating the “organic growth” at the “team building conference” from the “accelerated growth hacking” at the “leadership summit”? Same. Thankfully, The Dejargonizer — an extension for your Chrome browser — automatically highlights marketing jargon for you. Hover over the word to see a “normal person” definition, or submit the word and the dejargonizers will dejargonate the jargon as soon as possible. thedejargonizer.com
Mars-Chair-Gear-Patrol Oulton Mars MK3 Chair
The MK3 version of Timothy Oulton’s hand-crafted seat looks like a spaceship captain’s chair from a 1930s sci-fi film. Which is about what he was going for, what with its burnished stainless steel frame, comfortable-looking distressed leather, and a sleek silhouette. Zapp Brannigan would be proud. tomothyoulton.com
Mophie-Power-Reserve-Gear-Patrol Mophie Power Reserve
Are you recharging, or are you just happy to see us? Appendage jokes aside, Mophie’s new power reserve is extremely small, has a built-in lightning charger and adds up to 50 percent battery life to your iPhone and/or iPod. $50
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