A Quick Recap

In Case You Missed It: May 7-13

Announcements By Photo by Will McGough
JR-Patrouille-des-glaciers-gear-patrol-LEAD Photo Essay: Patrouille des Glaciers
GP Editor Jason Heaton visits Switzerland’s Patrouille des Glaciers, “the Glacier Patrol”, a back-breaking alpine ski race through 35 miles of the Alps. See the Photos
Mercedes-Benz-Classics-Center-Gear-Patrol-Lead The Future of the Past: Visiting the Mercedes-Benz Classics Center
Vintage has gained traction in recent years, arguably as a reaction to our digital, disposable age. This rediscovered appreciation for beautiful, meaningful objects from our past is exactly why the Mercedes-Benz Classics Center in Irvine, CA exists…that, and to bring back to life those cars which cause us to lust from the deepest parts of our soft, chewy automotive centers. Bradley Hasemeyer gets a tour and talks to the lucky bastards who work there. Read the Story
exploring-tel-aviv-gear-patrol-lead A Guide to Visiting Tel Aviv
A food tour, local beers, a chat with a successful restaurateur and much more in this day focused on the second largest Israeli city. See the Stories
GP contributor Will McGough goes fishing in Borneo and reels in a dose of humility. Read the Essay
10-most-dangerous-hikes-gear-patrol-lead 10 Dangerous Hikes
Stick anyone next to a cliff and they’ll inch forward and peek over; put anyone in a supercar and they’ll double the speed limit. We all want to stay safe and comfortable, sure, but in those moments when we lose our footing and time slows to a crawl, we are undeniably living in the moment. Call it suicidal or call it truly living. Here are ten trails that return hikers to their baser need: staying alive. See the Trails
best-survival-gear-lead An Everyman’s Guide to Survival Gear
Ensure you’re prepared for the worst case scenario by reading our complete overview of survival gear and essentials. See the Guide
24-Gear-Patrol-Lead A Eulogy for Jack Bauer
One Gear Patrol writer’s love of 24, and his dismay at the state of the season’s recently renewed run. Read the Essay