Today in Gear: May 15, 2014

Streitman-Gear-Patrol Strietman ES3 Espresso Maker
Strietman’s ES3 is a stunning copper and birch manual espresso machine, aimed at the rebels among us who value processes as much as their results. It includes a manually filled electric water heater that gives users precise control over their daily fix. Otherwise, it operates like other piston-based machines — with elbow grease — making your work day start that much earlier. ~$1,753 ()
J-Crew-Gear-Patrol J.Crew Colorblock Lightweight Denim Shirt
Ditch the mismatched socks and prove you’ve got a darker side (to the hot strangers at your local Wholefoods) with J.Crew’s color blocked denim shirt that combines man’s two favorite colors. $118
Square-Market-Gear-Patrol Square Order
Square’s Wallet app apparently floundered, but their newly announced Order app partially fills the void. The free app, currently only available in New York and San Francisco, lets users pay for food from nearby restaurants that can then be picked up. We’re seeing it like a slightly less guilty version of Seamless, since you’ll still have to venture out when foraging for sustenance.
Makr-Tumbler-Gear-Patrol Makr Hand Turned Copper Tumbler
Spruce up your libation service, or just keep pens in their place with Makr’s hand turned copper tumblers, available in short, tall and tapered silhouettes. $28+ ()
Belkin-Switch-Gear-Patrol D-Link DSP-W215 Smart Wifi Plug
This new DSP-W215 Smart Wifi Plug is similar to Belkin’s WeMo offering in that it gives users the ability to cut power to plugged in devices via a mobile app, or set a routine on/off schedule. The ability to provide power usage stats is a notable point of differentiation, though, as is a price tag that’s roughly $20 less. $50
Storage-Gear-Patrol Formwork Desk Accessories
Your drawer full of shit is officially on notice. Sam Hecht and Kim Colin’s Formwork collection is designed to organize all manner of desk detritus via a set of six storage accessories made of ABS plastic, built to look — and in some cases stack — as one. $19+ ()
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