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This Week in Culture: May 16, 2014

Briefings By Photo by Robbie Shone
To Catch a Diamond Thief That awkward moment when you realize that your super polite roommate is actually a diamond thief.
Are You Smarter Than An American? Ever wondered how much you actually know about United States social and environmental issues? You might think you’re smarter than the average American, but so does the average American.
Innovation Station The guy who invented the Segway just changed the prosthesis landscape by creating the first FDA-approved mind-controlled arm. And some Germans went all Joseph-Gordon Levitt on the dreamscape and induced lucid dreaming via electrical impulses.
Moneyball (For Monopoly) You thought you knew how to play Monopoly? No. This is how you play Monopoly. And if you’re looking to win friends instead of lose them: Chef David Chang (of Momofuku fame) tells all you need to know to get the best restaurant experience possible.
The Caves and the Bees Robbie Shone takes pictures of caves. And Ruan Liangming set a new world record for the longest time covered in bees.
Molded in Bill Knight’s Image How the founder of claymation lost his company to Nike founder Bill Knight and his rapper son, Chilly Tee.
From Sea to Space Apparently the wreck of the Santa Maria has been chilling off the coast of Haiti for the past 500 years. And the wreck of the Ragnarok Titan, watched by EVE Online players in the two years years it took them to plan their virtual attack, is now floating somewhere in cyberspace.
It Was Pretty While It Lasted… The Japanese are sending a billboard for a product called Picari Sweat to the moon.
The Annual State of the Logo Report Wondering about logo trends in 2014? Wonder no longer.
Because It Was Kind Of A Slow Week How to cook a perfect hardboiled egg.

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