eople who live in the tropics have a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it’s nice to drive around with the top down all year; on the other, most guys seem to end up with too-slick hair, too few closed buttons and a CGI tan. (Not to even get into the issues of equatorial squalor.) For the rest of us in multi-season climates, the arrival of longer days, fewer layers and colder beers is eagerly anticipated. Last we checked it was 72 degrees outside GP HQ, so we’ve decided to pull the trigger on our 2nd annual Summer Preview a few weeks shy of the solstice. What’s in store should keep you plenty busy until things really heat up: we’re visiting legendary car races, debating the best films of the season, taking you along on the summer’s biggest bike race, visiting the best festivals in America, mixing up the Michelada three different ways and much more. Axial tilt be damned: summer starts today.