Today in Gear: May 23, 2014



Zoom-h5-gear-patrol Zoom H5 Handy Recorder
Zoom solidified its place as the industry standard with its stellar, six-track H6. So when it came to bringing all that power down to a smaller price and form factor they just had to lop off two inputs. And, provided you’re not recording a podcast during a symphony, you’ll be thankful. $270
Lvc-Shirt-Gear-Patrol Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1920s Indigo Sunset Shirt
Popovers are so money and Levi’s knows it. Breezy fit, half the amount of buttoning, enough formality to look like you care but not so much that you look like a narc. Bring on the beautiful babies. $210 ()
Filson-Chair-Gear-Patrol Filson Chelan Folding Chair
“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Joni Mitchell’s sage words could very well apply to the value of chairs — or the last piece of beef jerky you just housed. Filson’s camp chair is a classy way to take a load off in the great outdoors and includes a built-in strap for easy portage. $118 ()
Humidor-Notes-Gear-Patrol Humidor Notes
The man who smokes cigars is also the man who wants to thoughtfully record how much he enjoyed his cigar. Preferably using a fine fountain pen. Hence the genius of these notebooks, which are made in the U.S. and include a ruler, ring gauge guide and glue dots for saving bands. $13 ()
316-Gear-Patrol 3sixteen Lightweight Selvedge
Jeans in the heat of summer are a special form of torture, right up there with listening to Celine Dion with your mother-in-law. 3sixteen’s lightweight selvedge eases the pain in the form of a cooler, 12-ounce indigo selvedge made by Kuroki Mills. They’re also rinsed and tumble dried for a softer, broken-in fit — meaning your heart and sense of style can still go on. $220
Lightning-Cable-Gear-Patrol MOS Spring Lightning Cables
We know the lightning cables you don’t lose are quickly wound to bits. Thanks to anodized aluminum heads and a special exoskeleton woven jacket, Spring’s version is built to take your usual abuse and then some. In fact, they’re so confident in the durability of their cables that they’re sold with a lifetime warranty. $22
10-legendary-porsches 10 Legendary Porsches
Narrowing down the best Porsches in history is a daunting and pleasurable task, similar to running through a cascade of single malt whiskies to select a mouthful of your favorites. After much debate, we’ve settled on the 10 greatest of all time. The final litmus test, we decided, was this: Is owning this vehicle akin to receiving a kiss from the car gods right on your petrol-lovin’ lips? A difficult prerequisite, but then again, this is Porsche we’re talking about. Read More
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