What to See, Read and Hear

This Week in Culture: May 23, 2014

Briefings By Photo by Adolf Bereuter
A Bus Stop in Krumbach, Austria.
Not Your Average Megabus Stop The town of Krumbach, Austria, has 1,000 inhabitants and seven of the world’s most unusual bus stops.
Stairway to Court A lawyer representing Randy California, the deceased guitarist of the band Spirit, claims that Led Zeppelin plagiarized his client’s song with “Stairway to Heaven”. Which, of course, is a great excuse to listen to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.
The Science of Sky High Food The terrible airplane food? Not the airline’s fault. Apparently pressurization weakens tastebuds, and low plane humidity dries out the nostrils. Meh…the food still sucks.
The Box With Teeth In the hopes of convincing kids to eat more terrible meat, McDonald’s got a new mascot: the cheerful Happy. Yikes. And apparently he has some racist origins? Looks like it’s back to the test study.
Oh My God, It’s Back Again Cue the Backstreet Boys — VW is reintroducing the Microbus.
The Original Larry David Esquire interviews Mel Brooks. So of course you’re going to read that. Also, this one with Jerry Seinfeld.
Jim’ll Paint It “Dear Jim, please paint a picture of David Attenborough sitting proudly atop a great white shark which has somehow evolved legs and is winning the men’s 400 metre hurdles having eaten the other athletes.”
Apiasts Unite On Tuesday morning, a truck carrying 460 bee hives overturned on the highway near Wilmington, Delaware, releasing a swarm of 16 million bees.
New HQ An exclusive look inside ESPN’s new studios.
Soviet Bureaucracy The New Republic writes about a new republic: The People’s Republic of Donetsk.