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This Week in Gear: May 25, 2014

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the-handbook-valet The Handbook by Valet
Our favorite style destination has introduced a massive update to their Handbook, a digital series of lessons and how-to’s that range from living a stylish life to field guides on style. Well illustrated and beautifully designed, with a handy search function, the Handbook is a must-bookmark for the dapper gents.
tokina-70-200-f4 Tokina 70-200mm F4 Telephoto Lens
Tokina just sent a big screw you to the honchos at Canon and Nikon with the introduction of their first optically stabilized lens: a stabilized 70-200 f/4, which both Canon and Nikon make for $1,350 and $1,400, respectively. Tokina’s version debuted in Japan for $1,500. That’s bold. And while we appreciate some brazen confidence, we’re looking forward to seeing how well the Tokina performs when it comes stateside. $1,500
bang-olufsen-beolab-20 Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 20 Wireless Speaker
Cutting-edge features and design are nothing new for the Danish hi-fi stalwart, but don’t let that deflate your expectations for the new BeoLab 20 wireless floor-standing speakers. There’s more than enough to love here: Acoustic Lens technology, a 180-degree horizontal dispersion tweeter, 5-inch midrange driver and an integrated 10-inch subwoofer — all powered by individual amplifiers. Bonus for you sound nerds: the 20s are capable of 96kHz/24-bit audio. The downside? You might end up springing for the $8,000 BeoVision Avant. $6300 (pair)
aero-x-hoverbike Aero X Hoverbike
We’ll skip the Back to the Future jokes. If the hoverboard won’t do (okay, maybe we won’t), California-based Aero-X has a faster solution in its Aero-X hoverbike. Slated for a 2017 release for $85,000 with early flights in 2014, the Aero-X has a two-person capacity and can float along the surfaces of Tatooine desert flats at 10 feet high and up to 42 mph. $5,000 deposits (refundable) start today. We’ll take two.
adidas-climachill Adidas Climachill Apparel
Adidas has had their game in the “dry” golf apparel technology for years now, but that doesn’t mean innovation has stopped. Climachill’s moisture-wicking fabric and 360-degree ventilation (versus targeted areas) means golfers will see immediate results when the temperatures and tempers rise on the course.$65-$85
6-perfect-summer-beers 6 Perfect Summer Beer
‘Tis the season for lazy Saturdays, day hikes and easy drinking saisons, session IPAs and pale ales. Put some fire to that charcoal and crack open a cold one — one of these six would be fine..Read More
Harmony-Gear-Patrol Logitech Harmony 350 Remote
The harmony lineup has always made it easy for advanced home theater owners to ditch the Jenga tower of remotes forever. The new Harmony 350 is the most affordable universal remote in the lineup to date and aimed at those with basic media needs looking to control up to eight devices with the mash of a few buttons. $50
Tablo-Gear-Patrol Nuvyyo Tablo DVR
Cord cutters are typically thrilled with ditching those monthly cable bills, but still miss the god-like video powers provided by a DVR. The Tablo DVR fills the gap, allowing users to record up to two channels at a time while watching a third. It also borrows a page from Slingbox, letting owners access recorded content anywhere there’s an internet connection. Unfortunately, there’s a $5 monthly fee for getting access to the Tablo’s TV guide and you’ll have to attach an external hard drive and antenna to get everything working. Still, it’s a far better solution than no DVR at all. $220
Blind-Barber-Gear-Patrol Blind Barber Watermint Gin Grooming Products
The popular New York barber shop and speakeasy’s grooming line, which includes aftershave, cleanser and shave cream, offers a refreshing blend of botanicals and booze — kind of like your Saturday evenings. $18+
Pocket-Squares-Gear-Paatrol Quixotic Pocket Squares
The legacy of Don Quixote — acting like a great big chivalrous idiot — lives on in these handsome pocket squares. Use one to do something nice for someone else, and if you lose it (note: really go for the nice thing and make sure to lose the square) you can tell the company your story to receive another pocket square for free. Daisy chaining heroic pocket-square-based acts could become the stuff of legend. Whether or not you prove your personal valor, 10 percent of all proceeds to organizations that are trying to end domestic violence. $35 ()
Pit-Cue-Gear-Patrol Pitt Cue Co. The Cookbook
BBQ from London seems akin to Vodka from Cleveland — but the team behind Soho’s Pitt Cue, which originally began life as a food “van” on the banks of the Thames, clearly knows a thing or two about slow cooking meats. Their new book is stuffed with recipes on everything from smoked ribs and bourbon bone marrow to more exotic fare like crispy pickled shiitake mushrooms — giving you plenty of reasons to expand this week’s grocery list. $25 ()
Wild-Turkey-Gear-Patrol Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Bourbon
WT’s master distiller Jimmy Russell needs no introduction. He’s the longest tenured active Master Distiller of any whiskey brand in North America. Wild Turkey’s Diamond Anniversary Bourbon celebrates his 60 years (!) in the form of a limited edition blend of 13- and 16-year-old whiskies, crafted by his son and fellow Bourbon Hall of Fame member Eddie Russell. Those lucky enough to visit the distillery can pick it up in the gift shop now, or wait until August to tussle for the few bottles that make it to liquor store shelves. $125
unstructured-blazers-gear-patrol The Best Unstructured Blazers
The best look of summer is the unstructured blazer. It’s thin, light and provides a casual edge that’s ideal for the lazy days ahead. Here are six of our favorites this season. Read More
Stone-Collective-Distortion-Gear-Patrol Stone Brewing Co. Collective Distortion IPA
What do you get when a keyboardist from the String Cheese Incident and a guitarist from Alice Cooper collaborate with the Brewmaster from Stone Brewing Company? The Collective Distortion IPA, a new double IPA infused with elderberries and coriander. Expect to see the limited edition release in any of the 40 states (and one district) where Stone beers get distributed.
Dodge-Charger-Gear-Patrol Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
SRT is now Dodge again, and the release of the Hellcat makes everything right. It’s the most powerful Challenger ever, with 600+ hp from a supercharged, 6.2-liter V8 that makes the stock 485 hp version look timid. Expect to see wickedly fast performance numbers, with a 0-60 time of less than four seconds.
Ursa-Major-Gear-Patrol Ursa Major Traveler’s Skin Care Kit
You can find just about anything in a can these days — including a clean face. Ursa Major’s new travel kit includes face wash, shave cream, face balm and even five “tonic-infused” Face Wipes when a sink and a mirror are nowhere to be found.
Surface-Pro-3-Gear-patrol Microsoft Surface Pro 3
A new 12-inch 2160 x 1440 display with a 3:2 aspect ratio, paired with a new form that’s 0.36 inches thick (close to the iPad Air’s 0.29-inch girth) while weighing only 1.76 pounds makes Microsoft’s newest addition to the Surface line “the thinnest Intel Core product ever made” — not to mention incredibly svelte compared to laptops while staying on par with most popular tablets. Combined with a new versatile friction hinge, advanced stylus integration, an improved touch cover for enhanced “lapability” and other laptop grade internals, it looks like three times may very well be the charm for the team in Redmond. $799+
Bulders-Bar-Gear-Patrol Clif Bar Builder’s Protein Bars
20g of complete protein plus vitamins, minerals and carbs for sustained energy without the artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or trans fats make Clif’s new Builder bar line a solid choice for powering through whatever challenge lies ahead in the gym or on the trail. $19 (12 pack)
Hoverbar-gear-patrol Twelve South HoverBar 3
The latest iteration of the HoverBar includes clips for supporting the 2nd-4th gen iPad in addition to the mini models and the iPad Air. It also provides a handy kickstand attachment to make use of spare tablet clips when someone else’s favorite gadget is hogging the arm. Oh, and if you already own the earlier HoverBar, Twelve South is kind enough to just offer the new clips. $99
Summer-Hrs Summer Hours: Great Casual Watches to Suit the Season
A roundup of five new watches ready for the mountains, the beach, or just manning the grill. Put one on and don’t take it off until Labor Day. Read More
Pappa-Foxtrot-Gear-Patrol Papfoxtrot Buoys
After satellites, soccer stadiums and cargo ships, a fleet of color buoys seems like the next whimsical progression from the team at Papafoxtrot. They’re all designed with interchangeable parts, meaning you can make every buoy as you see fit to help navigate through the hectic waters of your cluttered desk. $170
Kiehls-Gear-Patrol Kiehl’s Men’s Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer
Keeping your face moisturized is one way to keep age at bay (especially important after the collateral damage of last night’s bender). Kiehl’s latest solution for men includes “space-age” Aerolite tech with other fancy ingredients to provide epidermal hydration without the sheen and minimize extra oil. $27
Dog-GPS-Gear-Patrol WhistleGPS
The team behind the original pet activity tracker has added a killer new feature: GPS tracking, “making the WhistleGPS the smallest, longest-lasting and most affordable pet location and activity monitor available.” Time to see if that dog walker (or your lazy better half) is actually doing their job. $129
Console-Wars-Gear-Patrol Console Wars
NES v. Sega. Super Nintendo v. Sega Genesis. Them be fightin’ words among select generations. “Console Wars” tells the story of how upstart Sega came to challenge the great Japanese video game titan, sparking a global war for living room supremacy. $18
Wolfenstein-Gear-PATROL Wolfenstein: The New Order
Speaking of retro gaming, the latest title from the FPS that started at all is now available across all modern consoles. The New Order finds series hero B.J. Blazkowicz awoken out of a coma into a world in which the Nazi’s have won. Forget about health recharging and the the stick two guns dynamic. It’s time to go back to the days of health packs and an impressive arsenal gathered over time — ready to be wielded against Third Reich yet again. $60
Kohler-Gear-Patrol Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit
The sanitary value of Kohler’s touchless flush should be obvious. The nerdiness is just Trekkie gravy. It’s easy to retrofit into most canister and flapper style commodes, but those with dual-flush, top-mount flush, pressure-assist, or ballcock valve toilets are sadly out of luck. $60
best-sleeping-bags-of-2014-tig 10 Best Sleeping Bags of 2014
You’ve got your summit day kit dialed in, your favorite pair of hiking shoes picked out, and you’re just about packed for the ultimate outdoor summer adventure. So when you get to your campsite after a long road trip of grueling hike into the wilderness, don’t get caught unrolling the same musty sleeping bag you used to surf couches back in your college days. These 10 sleeping bags bring the comfort of home to the dirt floors of the high country, and everywhere else, for that matter. Read More
Zoom-h5-gear-patrol Zoom H5 Handy Recorder
Zoom solidified its place as the industry standard with its stellar, six-track H6. So when it came to bringing all that power down to a smaller price and form factor they just had to lop off two inputs. And, provided you’re not recording a podcast during a symphony, you’ll be thankful. $270
Lvc-Shirt-Gear-Patrol Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1920s Indigo Sunset Shirt
Popovers are so money and Levi’s knows it. Breezy fit, half the amount of buttoning, enough formality to look like you care but not so much that you look like a narc. Bring on the beautiful babies. $210 ()
Filson-Chair-Gear-Patrol Filson Chelan Folding Chair
“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Joni Mitchell’s sage words could very well apply to the value of chairs — or the last piece of beef jerky you just housed. Filson’s camp chair is a classy way to take a load off in the great outdoors and includes a built-in strap for easy portage. $118 ()
Humidor-Notes-Gear-Patrol Humidor Notes
The man who smokes cigars is also the man who wants to thoughtfully record how much he enjoyed his cigar. Preferably using a fine fountain pen. Hence the genius of these notebooks, which are made in the U.S. and include a ruler, ring gauge guide and glue dots for saving bands. $13 ()
316-Gear-Patrol 3sixteen Lightweight Selvedge
Jeans in the heat of summer are a special form of torture, right up there with listening to Celine Dion with your mother-in-law. 3sixteen’s lightweight selvedge eases the pain in the form of a cooler, 12-ounce indigo selvedge made by Kuroki Mills. They’re also rinsed and tumble dried for a softer, broken-in fit — meaning your heart and sense of style can still go on. $220
Lightning-Cable-Gear-Patrol MOS Spring Lightning Cables
We know the lightning cables you don’t lose are quickly wound to bits. Thanks to anodized aluminum heads and a special exoskeleton woven jacket, Spring’s version is built to take your usual abuse and then some. In fact, they’re so confident in the durability of their cables that they’re sold with a lifetime warranty. $22
10-legendary-porsches 10 Legendary Porsches
Narrowing down the best Porsches in history is a daunting and pleasurable task, similar to running through a cascade of single malt whiskies to select a mouthful of your favorites. After much debate, we’ve settled on the 10 greatest of all time. The final litmus test, we decided, was this: Is owning this vehicle akin to receiving a kiss from the car gods right on your petrol-lovin’ lips? A difficult prerequisite, but then again, this is Porsche we’re talking about. Read More

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