Today in Gear: May 26, 2014

Robe-Gear-Patrol Reigning Champ x CM Robe
Your long weekend may be coming to a close, but your vacation state of mind can still live on. The handcrafted fleece robe with a reissued classic logo is perfect for lounging around the house, gym or anywhere else you can convince someone that bathrobes are appropriate attire. $195
Birdie-Box-Gear-Patrol Birdie Box
“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated” so said Arnold Palmer. But Birdie Box sticks to the simple side of things. The “birch box” of golf sends members a curated selection of golf, lifestyle and nutritional products each month (including a current edition of Golf Digest) with a retail value of $100 more. Considering even a single month subscription costs just $45, it’s a deal good for your game and wallet. $45+
Converse-Gear-Patrol Converse 1970s Chuck Taylor Canvas Sneakers
The Chuck Taylor is arguably the most iconic sneaker of all time, but it has changed slightly over the decades. This classic iteration revives the slightly raised midsole profile found on the 1970s version in a blue canvas color that’s sure to match just about everything you own. $80
Transcend-Gear-Patrol JetDrive Lite
You and everyone else in Starbucks with a MacBook Air can finally put empty SD slot to work full time. JetDrive’s stubby Lite cards fit flush with the MacBook Air’s frame and can provide up to 128GB of extra speedy storage. $44+ ()
Hill-Side-Watch-Gear-Patrol The Hill-Side Watch Bands
Ties, scarves, bags, pocket squares and now watch straps. The Hill-Side’s colorful options will definitely draw attention to any timepiece they’re partnered with — so leave your Chinatown fakes in the drawer. $60
Am-Trench-Bucket-Gear-Patrol American Trench Fedora H20 Cotton
Our friends behind the American Trench are now offering a “bucket” fedora made from 100% cotton water repellent fabric woven in Italy. It’s cut and sewn in glamorous Newark and topped off with a red/navy band, resulting in the most patriotic product out o’ Jersey since Springsteen. $92
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