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Aecraft-Peak-Gear-Patrol Aecraft Peak MacBook Cover & Stand
The Smart Cover works well with the iPad — so couldn’t something similar work for the MacBook line? Aecraft’s Peak protects your laptop and transforms into a stand that improves your sitting posture and provides increased airflow to stop thigh grilling once and for all. ~$205
Clarks-Originals-Desert-London-Gear-Patrol Clarks Originals Desert London
The classic desert boot has been chopped down to a lower profile more appropriate for the concrete jungle. Otherwise, the Desert London is everything you’d expect from Clarks — i.e. built to last and designed to look better with age. ~$117 ()
Ray-Ban-Wayfarer-Flat-Metal-Gear-Patrol Ray-ban Wayfarer Flat Metal
If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Try to reinvent it. The Flat Metal version of the iconic Wayfarer is laser cut from pure stainless steel, resulting in a thin, lightweight frame with a decidedly modern vibe. Currently, five color options are available in blue, red, white, black and gunmetal grey, but we’re guessing they’ll get the remix customization treatment shortly. $160
Nostalgia-Electric-Soft-Pretzel-Machine-Gear-Patrol Nostalgia Electrics Soft Pretzel Maker
One look at Nostalgia Electric’s gear escalates all of our junk alarms to defcon five — but we’ve still been helpless to resist items like their mini donut factory in years past. Our willpower isn’t any stronger when it comes to the idea of making Soft Pretzels at home either. $30
Ecool-Beer-Cooler-Gear-Patrol eCool Underground Beer Cooler
Cellars have helped men keep items cool for centuries. The eCool is basically a miniaturized version designed to chill up to 24 brews in the earth. Sure, the idea of cranking up beers from the backyard seems silly given the eCool’s street price and the perfectly good fridge in your kitchen — but for areas off the grid or even the environmentally conscious, this could be the best thing to happen to life on the fringe since chemical toilets and Jenga. ~$287 ()
Noblecamper-Dog-Bed-Gear-Patrol NOBLECAMPER Ultralight Compressible Travel Dog Bed
NOBELCAMPER wants to get your dog into the ultralight lifestyle too. Their 2-in-1 dog bed features a bottom zipper, allowing it to transform into a sleeping bag for warmth and security. It also compresses down inside a stuff sack — making it easy to squeeze into your pack, because we know your dog isn’t hauling jack. $180
Jeffersons-Barrel-Aged-Bourbon-Gear-Patrol 15 Best Bourbons (You Can Actually Buy)
There’s no denying that bourbon is having a moment. The pride of Kentucky wins out over other whiskies because it’s a little sweeter, a little smoother, and a whole lot easier to mix. It’s also relatively affordable — very good bottles are available at very good prices. But thanks to its newfound popularity, some of the top-tier bottles — Pappy Van Winkle’s family reserve, George T. Stagg — are now shockingly expensive and, increasingly, hard to track down. Luckily, there’s still a wide variety to bourbons at accessible prices that are readily available in nearly every state. Which one to choose? Here’s a list to help you out. Read More


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