Scratching a nerdy itch

Postcard: Skipping Homework for Nintendo

Tech : Electronics By Photo by EY

A postcard is always a pleasant surprise, particularly in an era of Instagram and SMS pics. We don’t have enough postage for our entire readership, but our new bite-sized series, Postcards lightly details the who, what, when, where and why. It’s a simple, and effective, premise. Whether they’re based on a life-changing subject or just a strange one, shot with a Red Epic or an iPhone, we hope you find these little moments more genuine than the stock images you’re used to seeing opposite of the Xs and Os.

Midtown, New York — A few hours spent playing old-school video games while draining a couple of beers might not sound like a terribly exciting Friday evening (or just a terribly hipster outing), but my inner nerd has an incurable itch. In fact, satisfying random hankerings is one of the delights of living in New York. You can crave something as obscure as vintage video games at 10 p.m. and find the perfect solution — in my case, an excellent shop stocked with everything 8-bit nostalgia could desire, and with proximity to excellent midnight Japanese ramen to boot. It was the perfect night with a couple of buddies to do some “homework” for an assignment.

Photo Notes: iPhone 5S 30mm f/2.2 1/15 ISO 400