Today in Gear: May 29, 2014

Ducati-Monster-821-Gear-Patrol Ducati Monster 821
If you found the 145 hp, 1200cc version of Ducati’s iconic naked bike a little too “monstrous” for your riding comfort, you’re in luck. The Monster 821 is Ducati’s all-new mid-size version of their best selling motorcycle. Available in July, the Monster 821 houses an 11-degree Testastretta L-Twin generating 112 hp and uses Ducati’s 3-mode Ride-By-Wire and ABS technology to tailor power delivery to riding conditions. An 8-mode adjustable traction control module adds further attitude adjustment. The standard Monster 821 will be available in either Ducati red or Star white, but our deposits are headed for the sinister, all black Dark
Philips-SlimStyle-BR30-Gear-Patrol Philips SlimStyle BR30
Philips has reinvented the light bulb again, this time in the form of a new version of the BR30 domestic floodlight that ditches the clunky aluminum heat sink required by most LEDs. The result is a bulb that’s up to 85 percent more energy efficient, lighter and cheaper to manufacture. Look for it to hit shelves for somewhere around $13 a bulb this July.
KM-The-Pops-EDC-Gear-Patrol Kaufmann Mercantile The Pop’s EDC Kit
What self-respecting dad doesn’t like being prepared? Kaufmann Mercantile’s EDC kit for Father’s Day combines a pry bar, waterproof brass lighter, a pen complete with a pressurized ink cartridge capable of writing at any angle and high altitudes, and a pair of screwdriver keys and tweezers into one neat leather roll. $139
Watch-Dogs-Gear-Patrol Watch Dogs
A six month delay prevented Ubisoft’s newest franchise from surfing the full swell produced by the launch wave of next gen gaming consoles — but the marketing boost wasn’t really necessary. Luckily for them and unfortunately for us, the game’s themes — cyber security and widespread surveillance — have continued to dominate the news, sowing the seeds for a new kind of anti-hero, capable of bending technology to his will. As expected, successfully navigating this robust open-world version of Chicago requires a mixture of “hacking”, stealth and gunplay. If you’re the planning type who enjoys the setup as much as action, Watch Dogs is what you’ve been waiting for. $60
Seastatus-Gear-Patrol Seastatus
Sailing, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, diving, kayaking, rowing, waking boarding, keg floating — whatever your water sport poison of choice happens to be, knowing the conditions of the ocean is always key before venturing out. Seastatus aggregates all of the critical information you need around wind, swells, tides and temperatures on a few simple screens, helping you make the call in no time at all. Free
Mission-Workshop-The-Orion-Ultralight-Waterproof-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Mission Workshop The Orion Ultralight Waterproof Jacket
It weighs 370 grams (or 310 without the hood) without sacrificing user friendly features like pit zip vents or pockets for your phone, hands and general stowage. Combined with 96 g/m2 Polartec Neoshell fabric that’s engineered to breath better as your activity increases, it sounds like your days hunting for the perfect commuting shell can officially come to a halt. $440
Madden-Bags-Gear-Patrol 10 Best Daypacks for Every Adventure
While the lifetime warrantee on your North Face pack from grammar school is meant to be honored, there’s something to be said for retiring before things unravel. Today’s daypacks will haul your climbing gear or your laptop over mountains and through airports. These are our favorites. Read More
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