An Affordable Watch, Shoe Concerns and a dearth of puns

Letters to GP: May 2014


You guys really like to write — and not quick half-baked emails cobbled together over lunch. We’re talking real letters here, detailed ones with intros and critical reviews of what we’ve been up to along with some to-the-point memorandums. The point is, we appreciate your thoughtfulness, and in this latest batch of letters we were especially glad to hear from readers about affordable watches, running shoes and the appropriate way to wrap headphones.

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Your Letters

wagner-gear-patrol-custom-skis-slide-10 A Love Affair with GP
Re: Gear Patrol


So I have been using your site now for quite a while and absolutely love it. Gear, EDC, bags, reviews, cool stuff, etc. — it all pretty much fascinates me and you have so much awesome stuff on here. I like the casual yet professional way the articles are written and how there is not an obvious “here is some expensive stuff we got for free (or discount) and we like it…so you should buy it” kinds of reviews on here, like others. Anyways, I’m rambling already so I’ll just leave it at that. Great job, keep it up.

Allan Hornbuckle

Re: Tested: Under Armour Speedform Apollo

Good Morning,

I am writing you this morning concerning your article on the Under Armour Speedform Apollo. I was debating buying the shoes when you article came out and it pushed me to buying them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as happy with them as you are. They are no doubt extremely comfortable. But after just over ten miles the bottoms have severe wear on them. Did you find the same? I’m not saying they are bad, only that they won’t last long at all.


Dean Goodrich

GP: Sorry to hear that, Dean. We’ve put about 80 miles on our pair and they’re still in good shape. Maybe you run harder than we do.

FRUGAL-WATCH-NERD-MODULE A Watch for Business and Pleasure
Re: Want This, Get This

Good afternoon,

I’ve been reading on your website for a while now and I really enjoy your information on watches. As such I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what brands to look at.

I am a recent college graduate who has been working as a fly fishing guide in Patagonia and a commercial fisherman in Alaska but in the near future I will be entering the business world. Partially for this purpose and partially just because it’s been on my list for a while, I’d like to buy a high-quality analog watch. As I’m a younger guy without too much money right now I am not exactly in the market for a Breitling or TAG but I want something that is functional and well-made, and I am willing to spend a decent amount by my standards ($500 range). Ideally it’d be something that I could wear both in more formal settings as well as when I am traveling, fly fishing and backpacking.

I’ve been doing some reading but my watch knowledge is very minimal. I’ve always been fond of brands like Luminox that are rugged and functional but I would like to hear the opinion of someone more knowledgable before I make any decisions. Any suggestions?


Matt Hutchinson

GP: Good question, Matt. Our Timekeeping crew has offered some suggestions in this price range in the Want This, Get This column. Also check out our story on enthusiast watches under $1,000. Happy hunting, and we’ll do our best to address your question in future stories.

best-israli-microbrews-gear-patrol-lead Hebrew School
Re: Best Israeli Microbrews

You wrote an article on the best Israeli microbrews and didn’t even make a single “Hebrews” joke. I am disappointed.

Peter Larson

GP: Sometimes we take our drinking too seriously.

Sennheiser-Earbuds-Gear-Patrol Tangled up in Headphones
Re: The Best Budget Earbuds


I just read about some great in-ear headphones. How about a sleek pocket holder for these babies so that when I want to pull them out I don’t have to spend five minutes untangling them? I’m sure it’s been done, and I’m sure you know where to look to suggest the perfect one for everyone’s style.



GP: We’ve always wrapped our headphones like this — and never had a problem with them getting tangled.

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