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This Week in Culture: May 30, 2014

Edsel Wo, the worst waiter in the world.
Reading Rainbow Is coming back. Though maybe we should temper our enthusiasm? Nah.
Don’t Stop Me Now Queen guitarist Brian May revealed that a new album will feature never-before-heard Freddie Mercury vocal tracks. Awesome bit of news or clever way for May to drum up publicity for his new tour and Broadway play? Yes.
Chocolate Covered Bacon Jews and Muslims should probably avoid Cadbury chocolate: recent testing by Malaysian halal inspectors found that they contained pig DNA.
The Freemasons of Detroit Come take a virtual tour of this secretive Detroit Mason’s lodge before it gets converted into loft space for the nouveau-riche.
A Whole New World “Sometime — in 1955 — Will present for the people of the world — And to children of all ages — A new experience in entertainment. In these pages is proffered a glimpse into this great adventure… a preview of what the visitor will find in… DISNEYLAND”, read the cover of the Disneyland investment prospectus, recently released to the public for the first time. Apparently grammar in 1955 didn’t work in the same way that it does today.
R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou has passed away at age 86. Here’s a video of her reading one of her most beloved poems, “Still I Rise”.
The Thoughtful Tweeter (Not Jayden Smith) Apparently it took a digital design and advertising firm two months to craft this single tweet. And that’s par for the course.
Reminiscent of T.G.I. Fridays A profile of the worst waiter in the world.
This Week in Innovation Microsoft and Skype just previewed an accurate “universal translator” — you know, where you speak one language and it spits out another. And Google announced that they plan to test self-driving cars. Man, if only Apple made the news this week! Oh.
In Da Club What it’s like to have 50 Cent as your life coach. After this first pitch at a Mets game, you might want to reconsider.


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