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This Week in Gear: May 31, 2014

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The Best Summer Films
Summer movie season is in full swing. Blockbusters to the indies, thrillers and cerebral, here’s your complete punchlist for the best movies. Read More
Robe-Gear-Patrol Reigning Champ x CM Robe
Your long weekend may be coming to a close, but your vacation state of mind can still live on. The handcrafted fleece robe with a reissued classic logo is perfect for lounging around the house, gym or anywhere else you can convince someone that bathrobes are appropriate attire. $195
Birdie-Box-Gear-Patrol Birdie Box
“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated” so said Arnold Palmer. But Birdie Box sticks to the simple side of things. The “birch box” of golf sends members a curated selection of golf, lifestyle and nutritional products each month (including a current edition of Golf Digest) with a retail value of $100 more. Considering even a single month subscription costs just $45, it’s a deal good for your game and wallet. $45+
Converse-Gear-Patrol Converse 1970s Chuck Taylor Canvas Sneakers
The Chuck Taylor is arguably the most iconic sneaker of all time, but it has changed slightly over the decades. This classic iteration revives the slightly raised midsole profile found on the 1970s version in a blue canvas color that’s sure to match just about everything you own. $80
Transcend-Gear-Patrol JetDrive Lite
You and everyone else in Starbucks with a MacBook Air can finally put empty SD slot to work full time. JetDrive’s stubby Lite cards fit flush with the MacBook Air’s frame and can provide up to 128GB of extra speedy storage. $44+ ()
Hill-Side-Watch-Gear-Patrol The Hill-Side Watch Bands
Ties, scarves, bags, pocket squares and now watch straps. The Hill-Side’s colorful options will definitely draw attention to any timepiece they’re partnered with — so leave your Chinatown fakes in the drawer. $60
Am-Trench-Bucket-Gear-Patrol American Trench Fedora H20 Cotton
Our friends behind the American Trench are now offering a “bucket” fedora made from 100% cotton water repellent fabric woven in Italy. It’s cut and sewn in glamorous Newark and topped off with a red/navy band, resulting in the most patriotic product out o’ Jersey since Springsteen. $92
Aecraft-Peak-Gear-Patrol Aecraft Peak MacBook Cover & Stand
The Smart Cover works well with the iPad — so couldn’t something similar work for the MacBook line? Aecraft’s Peak protects your laptop and transforms into a stand that improves your sitting posture and provides increased airflow to stop thigh grilling once and for all. ~$205
Clarks-Originals-Desert-London-Gear-Patrol Clarks Originals Desert London
The classic desert boot has been chopped down to a lower profile more appropriate for the concrete jungle. Otherwise, the Desert London is everything you’d expect from Clarks — i.e. built to last and designed to look better with age. ~$117 ()
Ray-Ban-Wayfarer-Flat-Metal-Gear-Patrol Ray-ban Wayfarer Flat Metal
If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Try to reinvent it. The Flat Metal version of the iconic Wayfarer is laser cut from pure stainless steel, resulting in a thin, lightweight frame with a decidedly modern vibe. Currently, five color options are available in blue, red, white, black and gunmetal grey, but we’re guessing they’ll get the remix customization treatment shortly. $160
Nostalgia-Electric-Soft-Pretzel-Machine-Gear-Patrol Nostalgia Electrics Soft Pretzel Maker
One look at Nostalgia Electric’s gear escalates all of our junk alarms to defcon five — but we’ve still been helpless to resist items like their mini donut factory in years past. Our willpower isn’t any stronger when it comes to the idea of making Soft Pretzels at home either. $30
Ecool-Beer-Cooler-Gear-Patrol eCool Underground Beer Cooler
Cellars have helped men keep items cool for centuries. The eCool is basically a miniaturized version designed to chill up to 24 brews in the earth. Sure, the idea of cranking up beers from the backyard seems silly given the eCool’s street price and the perfectly good fridge in your kitchen — but for areas off the grid or even the environmentally conscious, this could be the best thing to happen to life on the fringe since chemical toilets and Jenga. ~$287 ()
Noblecamper-Dog-Bed-Gear-Patrol NOBLECAMPER Ultralight Compressible Travel Dog Bed
NOBELCAMPER wants to get your dog into the ultralight lifestyle too. Their 2-in-1 dog bed features a bottom zipper, allowing it to transform into a sleeping bag for warmth and security. It also compresses down inside a stuff sack — making it easy to squeeze into your pack, because we know your dog isn’t hauling jack. $180
Jeffersons-Barrel-Aged-Bourbon-Gear-Patrol 15 Best Bourbons (You Can Actually Buy)
There’s no denying that bourbon is having a moment. The pride of Kentucky wins out over other whiskies because it’s a little sweeter, a little smoother, and a whole lot easier to mix. It’s also relatively affordable — very good bottles are available at very good prices. But thanks to its newfound popularity, some of the top-tier bottles — Pappy Van Winkle’s family reserve, George T. Stagg — are now shockingly expensive and, increasingly, hard to track down. Luckily, there’s still a wide variety to bourbons at accessible prices that are readily available in nearly every state. Which one to choose? Here’s a list to help you out. Read More
LG-G3-Gear-Patrol LG G3 Smartphone
Think of LG’s latest superphone as the Shelby Cobra of the mobile world. Its ruthlessly powerful hardware squeezes all of the performance one could ask for out of a phone and includes a 5.5-inch, 2560 x 1440 IPS display, a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 32GB of internal storage along with room for a microSD card, up to 3GB of ram and a new 13MP camera backed by optical image stabilization and even a laser autofocus system. But like the finely tuned masterpieces of the late Carroll Shelby, details like a plastic body with a brush metal finish serve as stark reminders that this is still a Mustang at heart, rather than some exceptional whip you’ve never seen before.
Mini-Superleggera-Vision-Gear-Patrol MINI Superleggera Vision
This is just the kind of thing MINI needs to inject non-hatchback newness into the brand. The Superleggera Vision is an all-electric roadster designed by Touring Superleggera. No word on the powertrain, but we do know we love what we see, especially the Union Jack everywhere, including the taillights. It’s a classic roadster body with a touch of MINI in the front fascia and interior. Let’s hope they build it.
IDV-Cruiser-Swingset-Gear-Patrol IDV Cruiser Swinging Love Seat
Get your head out of the high school gutter. IDV’s cruiser swinging love seat is a modern take on the classic porch swing, inspired by SoCal’s Hot Rod culture in the ’50s and ’60s, the Porsche 356 Roadster in particular. It’s made from a one-inch tube skeleton covered by a powder coated aluminum sheet and suspended via double braided 3/8″ nylon rope. $920 ()
adidas-Micoach-Soccer-Ball-Gear-Patrol adidas MiCoach Smart Soccer Ball
The MiCoach system that started cleats and uniforms has finally made its way to the ball. This version feels and reacts just like any other size 5, except that it’s also endowed with the ability to detect speed, spin strike and flight path data which can then be instantly viewed via Bluetooth 4.0 to the miCoach mobile app. With a battery life good for approximately one week of use (or 2,000 kicks), you’ll have plenty of time (and data) to prove whether those self-made comparisons to Matt Le Tissier are deserved or not. $300
Everlane-Bomber-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Everlane Lightweight Bomber Jacket
Bombers aren’t headed out of style anytime soon. So it figures that the now classic silhouette got the nod from Everlane as the company’s first foray into outwear. Like most things they offer, the price doesn’t get any better than this, folks — so kindly direct your complaints about it only being offered in navy to your local board member of the player hater’s ball. $68 ()
Tabasco-Siracha-Gear-Patrol Tabasco Sriracha
As the saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Our keen friends at Cool Material spotted this under-the-radar offering from the famed Louisiana hot sauce company. The so-called “masterful blend of spicy, sweet and savory flavors” is supposedly “authentic to South East Asian cuisine”. Who knows how it really compares to Ms. Thanom Chakkapak’s original recipe or the likes of Huy Fong Foods. $5 ()
doxa-178x120 Timekeeping Selects: DOXA SUB 300T Sharkhunter
For our new series, Timekeeping Selects, we’ve partnered with Analog/Shift, the New York-based purveyor of vintage watches. We’re doing the legwork for you, handpicking stunning, unique vintage timepieces at a wide variety of prices — all with impeccable authenticity, great stories, meticulously serviced and ready to wear. Our first offering takes us back to the 1960s to one of our favorite dive watches, the DOXA SUB 300T Sharkhunter. $2,500
Ducati-Monster-821-Gear-Patrol Ducati Monster 821
If you found the 145 hp, 1200cc version of Ducati’s iconic naked bike a little too “monstrous” for your riding comfort, you’re in luck. The Monster 821 is Ducati’s all-new mid-size version of their best selling motorcycle. Available in July, the Monster 821 houses an 11-degree Testastretta L-Twin generating 112 hp and uses Ducati’s 3-mode Ride-By-Wire and ABS technology to tailor power delivery to riding conditions. An 8-mode adjustable traction control module adds further attitude adjustment. The standard Monster 821 will be available in either Ducati red or Star white, but our deposits are headed for the sinister, all black Dark
Philips-SlimStyle-BR30-Gear-Patrol Philips SlimStyle BR30
Philips has reinvented the light bulb again, this time in the form of a new version of the BR30 domestic floodlight that ditches the clunky aluminum heat sink required by most LEDs. The result is a bulb that’s up to 85 percent more energy efficient, lighter and cheaper to manufacture. Look for it to hit shelves for somewhere around $13 a bulb this July.
KM-The-Pops-EDC-Gear-Patrol Kaufmann Mercantile The Pop’s EDC Kit
What self-respecting dad doesn’t like being prepared? Kaufmann Mercantile’s EDC kit for Father’s Day combines a pry bar, waterproof brass lighter, a pen complete with a pressurized ink cartridge capable of writing at any angle and high altitudes, and a pair of screwdriver keys and tweezers into one neat leather roll. $139
Watch-Dogs-Gear-Patrol Watch Dogs
A six month delay prevented Ubisoft’s newest franchise from surfing the full swell produced by the launch wave of next gen gaming consoles — but the marketing boost wasn’t really necessary. Luckily for them and unfortunately for us, the game’s themes — cyber security and widespread surveillance — have continued to dominate the news, sowing the seeds for a new kind of anti-hero, capable of bending technology to his will. As expected, successfully navigating this robust open-world version of Chicago requires a mixture of “hacking”, stealth and gunplay. If you’re the planning type who enjoys the setup as much as action, Watch Dogs is what you’ve been waiting for. $60
Seastatus-Gear-Patrol Seastatus
Sailing, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, diving, kayaking, rowing, waking boarding, keg floating — whatever your water sport poison of choice happens to be, knowing the conditions of the ocean is always key before venturing out. Seastatus aggregates all of the critical information you need around wind, swells, tides and temperatures on a few simple screens, helping you make the call in no time at all. Free
Mission-Workshop-The-Orion-Ultralight-Waterproof-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Mission Workshop The Orion Ultralight Waterproof Jacket
It weighs 370 grams (or 310 without the hood) without sacrificing user friendly features like pit zip vents or pockets for your phone, hands and general stowage. Combined with 96 g/m2 Polartec Neoshell fabric that’s engineered to breath better as your activity increases, it sounds like your days hunting for the perfect commuting shell can officially come to a halt. $440
Madden-Bags-Gear-Patrol 10 Best Daypacks for Every Adventure
While the lifetime warrantee on your North Face pack from grammar school is meant to be honored, there’s something to be said for retiring before things unravel. Today’s daypacks will haul your climbing gear or your laptop over mountains and through airports. These are our favorites. Read More
work-at-gp Join the Crew at Gear Patrol
The team that makes Gear Patrol happen at our office in New York is a small but intensely passionate crew of journalists huddled around a simple mission: cinematic storytelling and product-forward reporting. We’re also having a damn good time doing it. We’re looking for a few good candidates to join us as Contributors, Photographers, Interns and Apprentices. Read on. Learn More
Catalyst-Waterproof-iPhone-Cases-Gear-Patrol Catalyst Waterproof iPhone Cases
This case, impact proof from six feet and waterproof up to 16 feet all for about $65, means you can cliff jump off that rock face into the water and make a call too. Hard coated optics keep your camera from taking blurry or plastic-y pics and a clear back panel maintains the great looking backside of the iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s. $65
Roots-x-Douglas-Coupland-Gear-Patrol Roots X Douglas Coupland
Who better to work with Canada’s best known relax-wear maker than a novelist who is also an artist? Featuring statement pieces like a scarf, leather wallet and tops for men and women, the capsule collection with Douglas Coupland debuts May 30 at and will certainly draw conversation — or envy — from your yet-to-be published friends. Still working on the title? Got it.
Beats-Solo-2-Gear-Patrol Beats Solo 2 Headphones
Things seem to be on the on the up and up for Beats between an acquisition announcement from Apple and a redesign of one of their most popular set of cans. We’ll leave you to decide which is a bigger deal. The Solo 2 has been updated to offer a wider range of sound, helping to address one of the biggest criticisms from the audiophile community. They’re also supposedly more comfortable too. Look for them in stores or in those awkward commericals of your favorite athletes entering and or leaving a sporting arena. $199
Onia-Ikea-Shorts-Gear-Patrol Onia Ike Terry Short
The first loungewear short from the swim trunk masters at Onia is based on the tailored fit of their Charles bathing suit and made from a cotton/vicose blend that’s ideally suited for relaxing on shore. They’re available in four different colors at launch.
$110 ()
DSPTCH-Dopp-KIt-Gear-Patrol DSPTCH Dopp Kit
SF-based DSPTCH continues to innovate in the travel sector. The outfit’s new dopp kit made from their now signature ballistic mesh includes elastic organizers, dual pockets and even a removable padded valet tray for storing more valuables like your watch and phone while you’re on the road. Genius. $62
Taming-The-Feast-Gear-Patrol Taming the Feast by Ben Ford
Harrison Ford’s son Ben is apparently a chef who’s spent years studying under some of the best in California (he worked at Chez Panisse) and has developed quite a reputation for his feast throwing skills. His new book provides step by step instructions on how to create a variety of excellent large scale meals to satiate the hungry masses in style. As New Orleans chef John Besh says, “this ain’t about molecular tweezer food.” $26


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