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Kit: Triumph TR6

Driving a TR6 means you're not a kid anymore. We make sure you don't look like one.

Finally ready to spring for that spunky British roadster? You could always send your trusty butler out to check on prices… wait, you don’t have a butler. Or much of a budget for that quirky droptop car, for that matter. Fortunately, the Triumph TR6 is the affordable substitute for more rarified fare like the Austin Healey MkIII or the Jaguar XKE, and it’s no paltry replacement, with sophistication and masculine bravado to spare. Plus, its lighter price tag means you’ll have plenty of dough left over for a full kit of driving gear. Here’s what we recommend for comfort, style, and a touch of brashness — you’ve got to keep up with the pace the Triumph’s setting, after all.


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