The latest in multitasking mastery

Dremel Three-In-One Ultra-Saw



When it comes to tools for do-it-yourselfers in the know, multitasking is key. Tackling a collection of jobs without stopping to hunt around the workshop not only saves time, it makes you look like a pro in the process. For over 80 years, Dremel has been putting that kind of power and panache into the palms of handymen, hobbyists and contractors alike; their Multi-Pro line of rotary tools not only invented that market, the Dremel name defines it.

Not content to merely sit and spin, Dremel has unleashed their all-new Three-In-One Ultra-Saw ($129), which ups the ante of the venerable Saw-Max with added power, versatility and functionality. Within its ergonomically shaped and rubberized shell, a 7.5 amp motor spins 3.5-inch and 4-inch blades at up to 13,000 rpm. That power is transmitted through an all-metal worm-gear drive train that has been beefed up to last three times longer than its predecessor, while straight or plunge cutting through just about anything you can throw at it. Whether it’s ripping through plywood, trimming tiles, shaving bricks or fitting PVC pipes, the Ultra-Saw takes on all comers with comfort and ease. Other, more visible, improvements over the Saw-Max include an all-metal foot and guard system that instantly adds some “pro” appeal: metal parts won’t melt under the heat generated from multiple rips through eight-foot pieces of plywood or while slicing through re-bar. The same eagle-eyed line of sight remains unchanged, so cutting without a fence shouldn’t cause any greenhorn jitters — provided you’ve measured twice, that is.

The Ultra-Saw also handles flush cuts with more precision and control than any oscillating multi-tools can afford, a huge bonus for anyone thinking of tackling a flooring project, and includes an adjustable blade depth to ensure you don’t get into trouble. With the quick installation of the included side handle, the Ultra-Saw performs triple-duty as a surface prep machine. Essentially working as a smaller and easier to control grinder, the Ultra-Saw can be used to smooth down concrete patches, remove old tiling mastic and thinset or give Harry and Lloyd pedicures, if that’s your thing.

The Ultra-Saw Kit comes fully equipped with a 4-inch Diamond Surface Prep Wheel, a 4-inch Carbide Wood Cutting Wheel, a 3.5-inch Metal Cutting Wheel and a 4-inch Carbide Wood Cutting Wheel designed specifically for flush-cuts. An integrated dust port, designed to work with Dremel’s vacuum adapter (sold separately) is an appreciated touch, especially when using the Ultra-Saw in surface prep mode. Other attachments include a straight cutting guide (that works as a fence for rip-cuts), a 2” x 4” cutting guide and a slew of specialized cutting and surfacing wheels to make sure that even the most ambitious DIY-ers have all of their bases covered.