Drink Pink

A Learned Man’s Guide to Rose

June 6, 2014 Buying Guides By Photo by Henry Phillips

Fill your glass, gentlemen: rosé season is upon us, and while we generally advocate for consumption of pink wine year round, the same warm weather that begs for draping oneself in white linen and opening too many shirt buttons demands the freshness of a crisp, vibrant rosé. Fortunately, the world of wine is finally in recovery from its post-traumatic-White-Zinfandel disorder, leaving breathing room for rosés that are some of the most versatile, dependable and flat-out desirable wines out there. In the spirit of good will and BBQ, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorites along with some quick food pairing ideas.

What Rosé is…and isn’t

What-Rose-Is-and-Isnt-Sidebar-Gear-PatrolRosé, also known as rosato and rosado, is pink wine that’s usually (but not always) made from red grape varietals. In the most common method of production, the grapes get crushed and vatted with the skins for a short time — when the juice gets its pink color — and then the skins are removed before it goes on to fermentation. Red wines are fermented with the skins. (For further reading and details about other rosé production methods, go here and here.) – Editors


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