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Kit: The Las Vegas Bachelor Party

June 6, 2014 Buying Guides By

Sure, you assemble the crew and cobble together a bachelor party in pretty much any city, but chances are the party will wrap up before anyone’s moral compass spins out of control if you’re in a city like Boston or Chicago. If it’s excess you seek — indulgent meals, cocktail-fueled pool parties, sunshine practically guaranteed — then the pull of Las Vegas is like that of gravity: a natural phenomenon, an attractive force, and something that inevitably ends with a collision. The beauty of a Vegas bachelor party is that you can create an itinerary that suits any preference for a long weekend: spend an afternoon on the track in a Ferrari, indulge in killer dinner, smoke cigars and play a round of golf (and) or suit up for an epic night out. However you do it, you’ll need to pack the appropriate set of tools.

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J.Crew Ludlow Tuxedo Jacket

Transitioning into married life in boardshorts and a t-shirt? We think not. The J.Crew Ludlow Tuxedo is a very modern take on formal wear, made of Italian cotton twill and cut just right for eating ribeyes and drinking scotch.

Unless you’re an event planner, putting together a bachelor party can be bang-your-head-against-the-wall complex. allows you to book everything, from flights and hotels to restaurants and shows, all in one place. We could do that even after a tall pour of scotch — but we’re not going to try.

Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto

This classic dress watch is styled after a 60s-era Hamilton, a perfect companion to your tux with a bracelet — or throw a leather strap on it and wear it casually.

Sunglasses: Garrett Leight Pacific Sun

These shades from Garrett Leight, son of Oliver Peoples founders Larry and Cindy, have a classic air reminiscent of a signature OP style but with less prep and more panache.

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Spellbound

Any celebration requires a good smoke, and it doesn’t get much better than the nutty, sweet Ashton VSG. The Spellbound is the largest size. Plan on staying up late.

Jack Spade Nylon Duffel

Between a garment bag and a duffel you should be able to carry everything you need. This Jack Spade nylon duffel is handsome and functional, with leather trim, organizer pockets on the inside, two exterior pockets and a removable shoulder strap.

Club Monaco Arlen Swim Trunk

With temperatures well above 70 degrees most of the year — and over 100 during the summer — a bachelor party in Vegas requires a pool party on the itinerary. Keep it civilized with a classic swim trunk like the this one from Club Monaco.

Blowfish for Hangovers

Fortune favors the prepared, and since your evenings will inevitably get out of control, the least you can do is plan for the inevitable hangover. Blowfish combines aspirin and caffeine to kill your post-drinking agonies.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel UV Guard

Vegas is smack in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and the sun there is no joke for the fair-skinned among us. This lightweight moisturizer from Kiehl’s provides SPF 50 protection while also giving your skin a refreshed look.

Mizuno JPX EZ Irons

Las Vegas has more than 50 golf courses, so you’ll want to make time for an early morning 18. Mizuno’s new JPX-EZ irons have a massive sweet spot for more forgiveness and better accuracy. If you’re a high-handicapper or just had a really late night, these are your sticks.