Today in Gear: June 6, 2014

Team-USA-Gear-Patrol HOMAGE x ESPN Every Four Years World Cup Collection
The Ohio-based Homage has teamed with ESPN on a series of World Cup tees featuring nine countries: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the good’ ole USA. Think of them as the third best option to showing team spirit, just behind painting your torso or wearing an official jersey. $20+
Airstream-Autobahn-Gear-Patrol Airstream Autobahn Luxury Passenger Van
Can’t afford a gleaming trailer? How about a van? Airstream’s latest touring coach was developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz and features a bespoke chassis from the lauded German automaker. It’s meant to shuttle up to eight VIPs in first-class comfort — and should rival even the finest luxury cars in personal opulence.
Ramp-Boads-Gear-Patrol Rampsports Handmade Bamboo Longboards
Ramp’s now making two longboard decks to go along with their skis, snowboards, paddle boards and other outdoor accessories. Both the 45″ and 63″ versions are made in the U.S. using advanced winter sport manufacturing technologies to create vacuum molded decks from layers of FSC bamboo and biaxial/triaxial fiberglass, meaning they’ll survive all of your rusty riding skills in stride. $299+
Different-Drum-Rum-Gear-Patrol Different Drum Pennsylvania Rum
La Colombe, one of our favorite coffeemakers, are now distilling rum out of their new Frankford avenue location, which boasts a traditional cafe and on-site bakery in addition to a 450-liter still. The sipping rum gets its coffee flavoring from a distinct cavitation method in which pressurized inert gas disrupts coffee-bean cells to release the flavors of the company’s Panama Geisha and Indian Monsoon Malabar beans. We haven’t tasted it yet, but considering the first batch of 1,500 bottles sold in just 47 minutes, we’re guessing that, like La Colombe’s coffee, Different Drum rum is a thing of beauty. Cue the Stone Poneys. $50
Gentlemans-Co-Gear-Patrol Gentleman’s Brand Co. Grooming Products
Gentleman’s Brand Co. is a new brand manufactured and formulated using trusted natural ingredients on the east coast of Australia. The inaugural lineup includes a face wash, body wash and moisturizer, all in minimalist packaging Karl Lagerfeld would surely love. $28 ()
David-Kind-Gear-Patorl David Kind Eyewear
Isn’t seeing better the point of buying glasses? Like Warby Parker, David Kind eyewear will ship you sets of stylish frames to try on in the comfort of your home. But the company sets itself apart by focusing on providing the best optics available. Instead of the polycarbonate lenses used by much of the industry, DK’s Trivex/High Index HD Digital Lenses have several advantages including a wider RX range, a thinner profile, clearer viewing and wider peripheral vision. $295 ()
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