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This Week in Gear: June 7, 2014

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Concrete-Shaving-Kit-Gear-Patrol Iris Hantverk Concrete Shaving Kit
This Swedish kit includes an excellent brush and shaving soap, but its clean minimalism shines through especially in its concrete shaving dish. Another bright spot? Hantwerk employs visually impaired craftspeople to create their handmade badger hair brushes. So you’ll feel just as good buying it as you do shaving with it. $130 ()
Asus-Decepticon-Gear-Patrol Asus Transformer Book V
The Asus Transformer Book V is the perfect solution for those who can’t decide which gadget or operating system they need at any given moment. A so-called “5-in-1”, it includes a 12.5-inch tablet screen that features a dock in the back to hold an Android phone. If the phone is connected, owners can switch between Windows 8.1 and Android with the press of a dedicated button. Otherwise, everything works like a normal Windows tablet/laptop hybrid. Here’s hoping the identity crisis of the gear doesn’t rub off on the buyer.
Vizio-Gear-Patrol Vizio E550i-B2
CNET’s David Katzmaier is the authority on HDTVs, so when he says a set “likely represents the best value of 2014”, you should listen. The local dimming LED provides a picture quality far above its price tag, shows off plenty of Smart TV features, and is available in a wide range of sizes starting at 23-inches all the way up to 55. $388+
Rooftop-Tent-GEar-Patrol Treeline Outdoors Tamarack Constellation
The new patent-pending curved design of the Tamarack Constellation reduces weight while improving the tent’s water shedding abilities and aerodynamics. Oversized awning windows and rainfly skylights also provide more light and better views. Per usual, Treeline’s built-in high density foam mattresses are included too, putting sweet dreams under the stars well within reach. $2,400 ()
Poler-Skillet-Gear-Patrol Poler Outdoor Cast Iron Skillet
We’ll always be partial to Lodge when it comes to cast iron, but we can’t blame Poler for wanting to add such a critical piece of cooking gear to their growing product lineup. Theirs is 12 inches and comes pre-seasoned. At 7 pounds though, this back anvil should certainly go to into your buddy’s pack when it times to divvy up gear. $50
Kona-businessbag-Gear-Patrol Côte&Ciel Kona Business Bag
It’s light and incredibly French functional thanks to a padded sleeve for your laptop along with mesh pockets for your other screens. There are also two internal pockets for TPS reports and the option of Midnight Blue or Deep Forest Green colors to further distance yourself from the sea of Samsonite in the office. $164
best-summer-fragrances-for-men-gear-patrol-lead 5 Best Summer Fragrances
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HP-Android-Gear-Patrol HP SlateBook Android PC
Don’t ask us why you’d want to use Android on a laptop form factor — but who are we to question HP’s logic? The new Slatebook features an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and up to 64GB of storage under its yellow and black, 16mm thick hood. Paired with a 108p touchscreen display, it’s definitely a different way to experience the world’s most popular mobile OS. $430
OSX-Yosemite-Gear-Patrol Apple OS X Yosemite
Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference included an avalanche of software news — too much, in fact, to recount in a mere TIG blurb. A few features that tickled our fancy include a Dropbox competitor dubbed iCloud Drive, a faster, cleaner and more power efficient version of Safari, and a suite of “Handoff” features that allows devotees to seamlessly transfer documents between Apple devices, compose regular SMS messages, answer calls from a desktop and even set up a mobile hotspot via your Mac if it detects a nearby iPhone. Ready for more good news? Apple’s also offering a public beta of OS X 10.10 this summer for eager early adopters and making it a completely free upgrade when it officially launches next fall.
Cart-Gear-Patro Worx Aerocart
This innovative hand truck can work as a wheelbarrow or a dolly in addition to six other configurations by swapping out just a few accessories. Combined with flat-free tires and a Turbo Lift design that makes 200 pounds feel like 17 pounds, it looks like your back’s prayers have officially been answered in spades. $160 ()
Samsung-GS5-Active-Gear-Patrol Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
The regular S5 already boasts impressive water resistance, but the rugged “active” version provides the same impressive specs while adding shock resistance, raised physical buttons below the screen, bold rubberized handholds and a dedicated “convenience” button on the side for quickly accessing apps related to the outdoors for good measure. The option of a “camo green” colorway completes the Dog the Bounty Hunter aesthetic. $200
Igrill-2-Gear-Patrol iGrill 2
As sad as it is to see products piggyback off the Apple bandwagon by adding “i” to their name (cough, Skymall), this Bluetooth equipped thermometer is worth a serious look for grillers in need of respite from the smoke. It supports up to four probes (two for high temp jobs) meaning it can track up to four different temperatures at once from up to 150 feet away. $99 ()
Deep-Gear-Patrol Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves
The world’s top free divers can spending 4 minutes underwater while diving 300 feet down in just one breath. This inspired author James Nestor to explore the seemingly miraculous sport for himself and learn a bit about some of the ocean’s other great mysteries along the way. If you’re at all curious about what goes on in the stuff covering 70 percent of the world’s surface or simply interested in besting your breath holding record from middle school, this is worth a read. $17
father's-day-gift-guide-178x120 The Father’s Day Gift Guide
This father’s day, prove dad’s taught you well and solidify your position as the favored son by giving him something to help him improve on one of the many facets of his already impressive game. Here are 80 excellent suggestions. See The Guide
Lamborghini-Zagato-Gear-Paatrol Zagato Lamborghini 5-95
Don’t kill the Gallardo just yet. That’s what the house of Zagato said when they built their new concept on the Gallardo platform for a one-off 59-5, unveiled last week at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy. Commissioned for one man, it could actually see production, and it’s an interesting look — part Zagato, part Lambo, and a lot of Spyker. We’ll see if there are takers.
socks-gear-patrol Sock Fancy
Their homepage says it all…sort of. “Get awesomely random socks delivered to your door every month.” So what exactly does “awesomely random” mean for those who don’t speak Spicoli? Think bold colors and patterns sourced from places ranging from Korea to Sweden. $44+
lacoste-rio-gear-patrol Lacoste Rio Collection
Yes, it’s yet another ploy to cling to the marketing coattails of futbol’s main event, but we must admit Lacoste’s “Rio” collection has a certain appeal that should hold fast long after tournament is over. The Pique Brazilian Croc Polo with contrast rib is clearly the standout as long as you don’t have a problem with your left nipple rooting for Brazil. $50+
logitech-speaker-gear-patrol Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker
The Boom made by Logitech subsidiary Ultimate Ears is still one of the best wireless speakers available. So we expect Logitech’s smaller X300 to rank with the best of the minuscule pack — even if, frustratingly, like the Boom, buying an all-black version isn’t an option. $60
Pikaplant-gear-patrol Pikaplant Jars
Someone put a plant in a mason jar. Big deal. While that observation is technically accurate, it’s worth noting that the blooming species inside were specifically chosen because they can live on the 100 percent humid, nutrient packed air contained within and require no maintenance. The result is a bit of greenery even the blackest thumbs can’t screw up, but no one else needs to know that. $67
Lone-Survivor-Gear-Patrol Lone Survivor on Blu-ray & Digital Download
Even if the title gives away much of what’s to come, Peter Berg’s (yeah, the same dude who sunk standards with Battleship) cinematic adaptation of the New York Times bestseller covering the true story of failed SEAL mission Operation Red Wings is still a gripping war film worth an evening of your time. $18
father's-day-gift-guide-178x120 The Father’s Day Gift Guide
This father’s day, prove dad’s taught you well and solidify your position as the favored son by giving him something to help him improve on one of the many facets of his already impressive game. Here are 80 excellent suggestions. See The Guide
Big-Ass-fan-gear-patrol Big Ass Haiku Fan with SenseME Technology
The team at Big Ass fans have both a sense of humor and a knack for going above and beyond with their air movers. The updated version of their Haiku line includes the kind of intelligence found in products like the Nest thermostat. So-called SenseMe technology allows the fan to know when you enter or leave a room, monitors room temps and learns your comfort preferences over time to intuitively adjust its speed. How they missed the opportunity for Smart Ass branding is beyond us. $1,240
Wine-carrier-gear-patrol Vigo Urban Protective Wine Carrier
The new Vigo wine bottle protector is made from the same PoronXD foam found in mountain biking spine protectors, ski helmets, and heavy duty work boots. It’s the best way to get your favorite bottle of Pinot Noir out to your secret fly fishing spot without having to stoop to pouring your wine into a Nalgene bottle. $50
Uneek-gear-patrol KEEN Uneek Sandals
The all new KEEN Uneek is the perfect summer travel and camp sandal. Built around a flexible, minimalist sole, the upper is simply two woven cords and a neoprene heel piece.
Rzr-controller-gear-patrol Razer Junglecat iPhone Gaming Case
The gaming experts (…yup) at Razer have created what appears to be the best iPhone compatible gaming controller yet. The Junglecat’s sliding design provides room for a D-pad, ABXY action buttons and bumpers while maintaining an impressively thin form factor that won’t break your pockets. Thanks to a dedicated app, users can also map controls and tweak sensitivities to their heart’s content. As Wayne Campbell said, game on. $100
bo-hardgraft-gear-patrol B&O Play x Hard Graft
The leather and felt mavens at Hard Graft have teamed up with Bang & Olfusen to create a series of stylish cases to match the B&O Play line of headphones. The “Peak” is the highlight of the group, doubling as a protective leather pouch for the BeoPlay H6s as well a stand. $12+
Black-and-decker-gear-patrol Black & Decker BDCDE120C 20V Drill with AutoSense
Meet the first drill that can sense when a screw is flush with a work surface. Thanks to a automatic clutch proven to be three times more accurate than the manual competition and a microprocessor that analyzes the rate of change in torque from the screw, your days of stripping screws may finally be over. There’s also an integrated LED work light on the foot of the drill for good measure. $80
father's-day-gift-guide-178x120 The Father’s Day Gift Guide
This father’s day, prove dad’s taught you well and solidify your position as the favored son by giving him something to help him improve on one of the many facets of his already impressive game. Here are 80 excellent suggestions. See The Guide
Team-USA-Gear-Patrol HOMAGE x ESPN Every Four Years World Cup Collection
The Ohio-based Homage has teamed with ESPN on a series of World Cup tees featuring nine countries: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the good’ ole USA. Think of them as the third best option to showing team spirit, just behind painting your torso or wearing an official jersey. $20+
Airstream-Autobahn-Gear-Patrol Airstream Autobahn Luxury Passenger Van
Can’t afford a gleaming trailer? How about a van? Airstream’s latest touring coach was developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz and features a bespoke chassis from the lauded German automaker. It’s meant to shuttle up to eight VIPs in first-class comfort — and should rival even the finest luxury cars in personal opulence.
Ramp-Boads-Gear-Patrol Rampsports Handmade Bamboo Longboards
Ramp’s now making two longboard decks to go along with their skis, snowboards, paddle boards and other outdoor accessories. Both the 45″ and 63″ versions are made in the U.S. using advanced winter sport manufacturing technologies to create vacuum molded decks from layers of FSC bamboo and biaxial/triaxial fiberglass, meaning they’ll survive all of your rusty riding skills in stride. $299+
Different-Drum-Rum-Gear-Patrol Different Drum Pennsylvania Rum
La Colombe, one of our favorite coffeemakers, are now distilling rum out of their new Frankford avenue location, which boasts a traditional cafe and on-site bakery in addition to a 450-liter still. The sipping rum gets its coffee flavoring from a distinct cavitation method in which pressurized inert gas disrupts coffee-bean cells to release the flavors of the company’s Panama Geisha and Indian Monsoon Malabar beans. We haven’t tasted it yet, but considering the first batch of 1,500 bottles sold in just 47 minutes, we’re guessing that, like La Colombe’s coffee, Different Drum rum is a thing of beauty. Cue the Stone Poneys. $50
Gentlemans-Co-Gear-Patrol Gentleman’s Brand Co. Grooming Products
Gentleman’s Brand Co. is a new brand manufactured and formulated using trusted natural ingredients on the east coast of Australia. The inaugural lineup includes a face wash, body wash and moisturizer, all in minimalist packaging Karl Lagerfeld would surely love. $28 ()
David-Kind-Gear-Patorl David Kind Eyewear
Isn’t seeing better the point of buying glasses? Like Warby Parker, David Kind eyewear will ship you sets of stylish frames to try on in the comfort of your home. But the company sets itself apart by focusing on providing the best optics available. Instead of the polycarbonate lenses used by much of the industry, DK’s Trivex/High Index HD Digital Lenses have several advantages including a wider RX range, a thinner profile, clearer viewing and wider peripheral vision. $295 ()