This Week in Gear: June 14, 2014

Your Weekly Gear Recap
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father's-day-gift-guide-178x120 The Father’s Day Gift Guide
This father’s day, prove dad’s taught you well and solidify your position as the favored son by giving him something to help him improve on one of the many facets of his already impressive game. Here are 80 excellent suggestions. See The Guide
Proof-Gear-patrol Proof: The Science of Booze
His is not the first book to dive into the evolution and history of alcohol, but author Adam Rogers deserves credit for mining scientific research from fields including physics, molecular biology, organic chemistry, psychology and neurobiology in order to explain our love of alcohol. $20
Randall-gear-patrol Russell Athletics Carbontek Shoulder Pads
Russell’s latest athletic innovation looks like the sort of thing Christian Bale would ask Morgan Freeman about taking home for the weekend. The new padding system consists of an ultralight aeronautic-grade carbon fiber shell that sits on top of a breathable compression vest system that integrates a network of rubbery foam bubbles designed to disperse contact across the torso. As you’d expect, the two piece system is aimed at Division I college players and professionals versus Orange County pee-wee leagues and has already been used by teams like Auburn.
Everlane-Gear-patrol Everlane Swim Shorts
Another week, another new high quality wardrobe staple from Everlane. It’s made to look good on and off the dunes and is available in three colors of navy, rust, and army green. $48
Kid-post-gear-patrol Kidpost
Parents looking for an easier way to share social media photos of their kids with technologically inept family members can rejoice. Kidpost aggregates any of your photos tagged with #kidpost into an easily read email that even granny can access, between forwarding you bad jokes and comic strips.
Mens-soap-gear-patrol Men’s Soap Shop Aftershaves
There’s no shortage of new men’s grooming lines these days, but Men’s Soap Shop stands apart for its commitment to make all-natural products here in the U.S. The brilliant marketing move to package its aftershave in flasks doesn’t hurt their case either — though we’re not sure drinking out of one after is really a good idea. $25
Polk-Gear-Patrol Polk Audio Hampden Speakers
Cutting-edge technology wrapped in a tasteful midcentury modern shell make the Hampdens an appealing choice for anyone in the market for a new set of computer speakers. The USB input allows digital audio to skip the crappy DACs found in most computers and instead leverages the Hampden’s superior built-in option. Combined with a four-channel amp, wireless Bluetooth support with apt-X and a powerful DSP, your Shakira Summer playlist should sound better than ever. $399
Brute-Cooler-Gear-Patrol Brute Box Coolers
For those extended hunting excursions or summer BBQs with serious stamina, these coolers keep your ice solid for an entire weekend (the larger sizes, up to an entire week). Rubber gaskets seal with a cantilever hinge system make sure your perishables stay un-perished inside the thick, pressure-injected insulated walls. Made in America and priced high — because it’s the last cooler you’ll ever have to buy. $229+ ()
5-Owls-Gear-Patrol 5owls Ranger 2 Personal Shelter
5owls took the classic ultralight personal bivy and beefed it up, adding a built-in sleeping bag rated to 15 degrees and pimping out the overhead cover to include a “moonroof”. In case of bad weather, the overhead tent seals shut and the sleeping bag is reinforced with waterproof flooring. The entire system weighs just 8 pounds 8 ounces for easy carrying and comes with an optional sleeping pad compartment (pad not included). $399 ()
Supreme-Towel-Gear-Patrol Supreme Box Logo Beach Towel
Supreme’s classic Barbara-Kruger inspired logo sits prominently on this all-white cotton beach towel. When dealing with a company who works in paisley and graphic patterns, sometimes you’ve got to cherish the empty space. $48 ()
Drop-Scale-Gear-Patrol Drop iPad-connected Scale & Digital Baking Assistant
Ostensibly, baking should just be following directions, but even that gets a little tricky sometimes. This scale syncs with your iPad to tell you the next step on the road to the perfect pastry, halves, quarters or doubles your recipe automatically, allows you to measure all the ingredients in the same bowl and helps find substitutes if you run low on anything. The app will alert you when your food is ready and automatically skips to the next step after you add the correct ingredients, saving you from a sticky screen.$80
Bike-Lock-Gear-Patrol Nyan Nyan Factory Woven Bike Locks
Lock your fixed gear with a world-class bike chain that doesn’t look like it was refurbished from an industrial complex. They’re covered in brightly colored weaved polypropylene bands to keep metal off your shirt and look far better than a rusty chain when wrapped around your shoulder or waist. Their colorways are, we assume, inspired by nyancat. $65+
Fruit-Delivery-Gear-Patrol Good Eggs
Eating local is tasty and good for the environment — and now, pretty easy. Instead of elbowing hipsters out of the way at your local farmer’s market, anyone near the Bay Area, Brooklyn, Los Angeles or New Orleans has the option to have local groceries delivered to their door (or held at a convenient pick-up location). The menu varies with the seasons, and clicking on an item lets you learn about the farm from which your produce came.
Step-Stool-Gear-Patrol Aaron Poritz Hardwood Step Stool
You saunter into your personal library, stogie in hand, and slide this step stool (made by Nicaraguan craftsmen) away from the bookshelves where you’d used it to search through the very top shelf for that first-edition Chaucer you’d stashed up there somewhere. Or maybe you left it in the paneled compartment within the step stool itself? Ah, there it is. Now just throw your feet up on the beautiful hardwood piece, or use it as an end table to hold the single-malt that you’ll pour once you finish this chapter. $579 ()
Knife-Block-Gear-Patrol Edge of Belgravia Black Diamond Knife Block
This knife block will fit up to 11 knives, so long as they’re at least 4 millimeters thin. Just be wary: your avant-garde friends might try to steal it for their sculpture garden. ~$118 ()
Asics-Gel-Lyte-Gear-Patrol Asics Gel Lyte V
If these have an old-school feel, it’s because they’re an old shoe brought back from the dead after a “20 year hiatus”. A Benjamin and a half gets you this “Atomic Blue and Black” footwear zombie. $155 ()
Klipsch-Gear-Patrol Klipsch R6i Headphones
American audio brand Klipsch (around since 1946!) has things pretty well figured out. Their affordable R6i set has impressive sound quality (supplied by dual magnet moving coil drivers), construction (simple, clean aluminum and elastomer), comfort (contour tips that consistently get top ratings from reviewers), and phone integration (three-button remote plus a mic). $99
Camp-Cutlery-Gear-Patrol Pro-Idee Camping Cutlery
We’re not saying you should bust them out in the food court. But Pro-Idee’s stainless steel mini cutlery set, held inside a key fob, should sate savvy campers who’ve been bitten by lost mess kits in the past. ~$50 ()
Woodys-tablet-tray-gear-patrol Woody’s Tablet Trays
Weren’t we just talking about elegant library furniture? Woody’s TabletTray (in walnut, cherry or maple) is perfect for looking professorial while reading an iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini, which can be oriented either vertically or horizontally, and it fits an Apple wireless keyboard perfectly for writing whichever research paper/witty essay you’re working on currently.
honeywell-gear-patrol Honeywell Lyric Thermostat
The classic round Honeywell thermostat just got a major upgrade. The Lyric syncs with your phone so you can adjust the thermostat from anywhere. But for the forgetful, the Lyric tracks your location and knows when you are coming home to adjust your home climate accordingly, while conversely switching to energy saving when it seems like you’ll be gone for a while. No schedules and the ability to turn the heat down on visiting relatives.
PS-TV-gear-patrol Sony PlayStation TV
If company comes over while you’re playing PS4 in the living room in just your boxers, you can simply pause the game and move into your bedroom. From there, the Playstation TV will allow you to stream from your PS4 to any TV in the house and connect with your wireless controller to continue your game, virtually uninterrupted.
Tiger-meet-my-sister-gear-patrol Tiger, Meet My Sister…: And Other Things I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said
Rick Reilly, once called one of the “funniest human beings on the planet” by Publishers Weekly, a backpages columnist for ESPN and SportsIllustrated released this 368 page collection of his best work. It touches on the biggest events in sports over the past few decades, all in his award winning style. $21
barrelled-gear-patroll High West The Barreled Boulevardier
Aged for 120 days in American oak barrels, this bourbon is married with a mix of VYA sweet vermouth from California and Gran Classico Bitter from Switzerland. The Boulevardier is named after a man with money and culture and High West’s take on the classic drink requires a bit of both.
SBUX-Band-Gear-Patrol Band of Outsiders for Starbucks
Designed by Scott Sternberg’s, who took his favorite word for coffee, “drip,” and visualized it, these limited edition Starbucks Double Wall Ceramic Mugs feature black or multicolored paint dripping down the sides of the classic Starbucks mug. Sternberg’s clothing company, Band of Outsiders, is known for a rebellious take on classic American styles, an ideal evident in his new line of mugs. $15
tool-roller-gear-patrol Hazet HZ166N Collapsible Tool Trolley
Tired of lugging around their tool kit, the German company Hazet has designed a tool caddy to be wheeled around with your shop wherever you go. The trolley opens to expose three storage areas for all your tools and supplies with a plastic, replaceable workspace on top and big wheels for a smooth ride. The whole trolley collapses and comes with a padlock to keep your expensive tools from finding there way out. $1,780 ()
New-Balance-J-crew-Gear-Patrol J.Crew x New Balance 998 Independence Day Sneakers
J. Crew and New Balance continue to flaunt their collaborative powers, this time with a special release for the 4th of July. The new Independence Day kicks stands out from the crowded summer sneaker pack through restrained red and blue detailing on white 998 base. Pairs are extremely limited, so make sure your in line at 10 a.m. on June 14 at select locations such as J. Crew’s Liquor Store shop in NYC, The Grove in LA and On Lan in Hong Kong. If you’re one of the first 20 customers at any location, you’ll also get an exclusive Ebbets Field Flannel Cap. Happy Birthday America indeed.
Grado-E-Series-Gear-Patrol Grado Labs e Series
Brooklyn based Grado Labs, which has been producing high-end open-air headphones for audiophiles since 1953, just released the third generation of each of their headphones, named The e Series. In this new iteration, the light-weight headphones have been rethought at every level: from enhanced wood, polycarbonate and glue for less interference to a finely-tuned magnetic field, rhodium connections and refined drivers for clearer tone and better range. They produce the clearest audio available, with nothing influencing the performance except for the performer., $79-1,695
Not-New-Gear-patrol This Is Not New De Stijl Side Zip Crewneck Sweater
This Is Not New just dropped their new crewneck sweater, a 100 percent cotton sweater with 8 inch zippers at the hemline in one of three primary colors. The grey sweater has a deerskin locker loop, woven brand patch at the lower waist and is already in high demand, so expect to wait a week or few before your order ships. Hand-wash only, wear often. $80 ()
Monocle-Guide-to-good-business-gear-patrol The Monocle Guide to Good Business
Monocle wants business owners to step away from the self-help section and take a few lessons from their latest Guide To offering which covers everything from “how you run the show to the pens you buy”. In other words, everything you’d expect Monocle to talk about.
$67 ()
samsung-bulb-gear-patrol Samsung Smart Bulb
Samsung’s first foray into the connected light bulb space leverages Bluetooth mesh network technology over the traditional Wifi used by competitors. The difference means users can control up to 64 bulbs directly via a smartphone without the need for a separate hub. Launch dates and pricing details are slim so far, but Samsung did share that each bulb can be dimmed down to 10% brightness and can adjust their hue to match nearly every shade of white you can find in the market today.
Prime-Music-GEar-Patrol Amazon Prime Music
In an effort to sweeten the Prime membership bundle, Amazon announced that Amazon Prime members will be able to stream over a million songs, advertisement free. Spotify and Beats, Amazon’s main music competitors, already offer over 20 million songs each, but ad free music, at no additional cost for Prime members, could draw in Amazon users on the fence, especially if Amazon’s negotiations with Universal, the world’s largest record company, are finalized. Free (for Prime Members) ()