Be the country gentleman

Land Rover Series 1 Kit

Equipped for the great outdoors, minus the plaid shirt.

The mere fact that you’ve opted to buy a British car that’s over half a century old means you’re prepared to do more than a little bit of work, all for the sake of keeping it really real. Though the Series 1 is an automotive handful, it’s also one of the most iconic cars ever made and will get you through hell with style if you take good care of it (and know a bitchin’ good mechanic). It’s also cooler than just about anything on the road, despite a speed that only barely outpaces tectonic plates.

Driving the Series 1 warrants a look that is 100 percent country — so you’d be best suited for some rugged but still classy gear that’s ready for the great outdoors. We’ve put together a kit that will have you looking almost as safari-slick as Robert Redford in Out of Africa. Almost.


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