Ticking of the Latest in Watch News

This Week in Watches: June 17, 2014

Pinion-Bronze-Gear-Patrol Pinion Enters the Bronze Age
British upstart Pinion just released a Bronze Dusk version of its Axis model, and it’s beautiful. pinionwatches.com
HYT-Hydro-Iceberg-Gear-Patrol Freeze Pop Anyone?
HYT, the only watch in the world that displays time using liquid(!), introduces a new color scheme they call the H1 Iceberg with a cool blue colorway. hytwatches.com
Tissot-Visodate-Gear-Patorl Meshing with Tissot
The popular and classic Visodate gets a “Milanese” steel mesh bracelet that’s perfect for summer. $695
Alpina-Alpiner-Gear-Patrol Born in the Mountains
Alpina continues its winning ways with the retro-inspired Alpiner line of chronographs, GMTs and three-hand automatics. alpina-watches.com
DDE-Rolex-Gear-Patrol A Presidential Rolex
Dwight Eisenhower’s Rolex Datejust is going up for auction. Jake’s Rolex World looks at the man and his timepiece. rolexblog.blogspot
doxa-178x120 GP and Analog/Shift Are Still Selling a Beautiful DOXA
The first watch in our new series is still up for sale at a great price. Come on, you know you want to strap it on, backwards roll off your boat and pretend you’re Cousteau. $2,500